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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cold Sunday... Football, Leftovers & Thoughts on Winter

Note that weather is back across the top half of the nation today. Everything is moving West to East as cold air funnels south from Canada. All of that equates to "snow" not rain and obviously nothing tropical going on today.

Maybe the top third... wondering how far south the precept gets and if  the kids in Iowa get snow or not.

It's always been my experience when the forecasters start to change the forecast it's going colder than they want to say. Last week it said it would be 32 this morning in Raleigh. Then, they changed it, and it was forecast to be 29 or 28 depending on the source. Then it showed 27 on the 2 day out forecast. Last night it was updated to a very vague "Mid 20s" and I woke up this morning to 24 degrees. If you see a trend in a 5 day weather forecast going down.. you can always rely on the trend. It's colder this morning in North Carolina than it is in Ames, Iowa and that just makes no sense. Then again.. it's going to get way colder out there gang...sooner rather than later.

Often forecasters just don't want to go with a forecast they can't rely on when the models show the possibility.  In which case it's usually  more extreme and more unusual. 

How this plays out in the short term I am not sure really sure. Enjoying watching the models fight their way through winter the way they did the hurricane season. Peace will come to the Middle East faster than the GFS and the EURO ever coming into agreement on a brewing storm system.

That the way...snow further south than the Mason Dixie Line, so this isn't just a NE-NY/NJ event about to occur. 

Ryan Mauve of  puts out the most beautiful visual forecasts that are often worthy of printing out and putting up on the wall for Weather Christmas Decorations!!

They are doing a good job over at Weather Bell and he provides a good complimentary to Bastardi's long verbal discussions.  Always love listening to Bastardi talk as he thinks like me in ways.. at times at least with regard to weather. One point he makes about the snow that is coming to the NE and the NYC area is that it is the first time since 1938 that there will have been two appreciable snowfalls in that area and any hurricane fanatic has to smile, nod and go ... uh huh. I know I did when I saw it was going to happen.

Also, note for the coming cold winter you may have to practice saying North Atlantic Oscillation as you are going to hear NAO over and over and over by meteorologists who love using all those weather abbreviations. 

NAO talk = cold.

Otherwise in the world I think it's worth noting there have been a lot of small earthquakes in California over the last few days. Alaska, California and even Hawaii had some action. After living there so long it catches my eye when I see the map. I had to do tropical weather so I studied earthquakes and California weather. Note, I was watching because I heard there was a small quake in Tennessee which I was curious on as there have been a few lately and not sure that is an active fault line or a whole lot of fracking going on.. 

Notice how quiet the fault lines are in Europe and Africa. 
Mind you sometimes small quakes let off energy which is good.
Sometimes, they are a foreshadow of things to come ...which is not good.

As for me.. enjoying the cold weather from the inside looking out this morning.

One of the better things about my bay window in the kitchen is it gives me a great seat to watch the sunrise in the early winter while sipping hot coffee. Trust me...this looked a lot prettier through the window than through the screens and my not great camera, but you get the idea. The leaves are gone and at sunrise the sun rises over that fence and a few minutes later it lights up whatever is left of the golden leaves and a few minutes later it hits the church steeple to the south and it's really purty... from inside cause I ain't going out there until the sun gets a whole lot higher ;)

To the south I have this massive expanse of a "natural area" which  means "WOODS" to me and "just some trees" to my husband who was raised way up north before moving south to North Carolina. Apparently they are only "woods" if you can't see through them..  In the summer they are woods, but in the winter you can see the houses and rooftops off in the distance and I can tell if there is a breeze by the way the brown leaves fall to the ground. This morning they fall slowly, fluttering a bit back and forth and then straight down like a rock. Cold, not too windy... and there is frost I think on the spider webs but I'm not going out there to get a closer look. And, the reason the leaves are falling when there is no wind??? around, overactive the last week or two it seems and every time a squirrel leaps from one branch to another the leaves rain down to the muli-colored, leaf covered ground. He's not a Southerner or he'd be out there blowing them every morning... I like them this way, it looks like Autumn Gift wrapping paper covering the grass..

Watched the Gators win last night on TV :) and the Noles lose :) and Notre Dame win :( 

Today is perfect football weather in this neck of the woods. Leftovers and football games and working on my writing and enjoying the moment. 

And, fondly remembering Larry Hagman more for I Dream of Jeannie than for Dallas. In Miami when we were young a TV show taking place in Cocoa Beach (or pretending to take place in Cocoa Beach) was about as close to home as we could get. That and the Jackie Gleason show made us feel really cool. And, as Dallas was on Friday Nights I really didn't watch... to me he's always Roger's pal begging Jeannie to bring Roger back from Greenland or wherever she sent him off to with the bob of her pony tail. 

Nice memories of a happy childhood growing up in South Florida :)

Besos Bobbi

Ps...that island where he finds her in her bottle always looked to us like the spill islands in Biscayne Bay :)


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