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Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Sale on Cold Weather

Mother Nature is having a Black Friday Sale on Winter Weather... it's almost free and it will arrive in about a week or so brought to you by opening your front door.. no shipping fees... just there...

So, go out and buy a coat.. buy boots.. buy anything you need or want, because winter won't be a no show like it was last year this year. Cold and getting colder is my forecast.

If you see me round town I'll be wearing these :)

Hey, as a Coral Park Graduate.. it's always hard for me to pass up a deal on shoes by Rampage :)

And, while dealing with the colder temps I'd like everyone to remember to watch the wind chills.

This great page is posted on a site for all seasons..

It's important to factor in the wind when the weather gets cold...

Wind Chills should be watched often as people will look at the temperature on their app and not factor in wind chill. The colder it gets the bigger the wind chill factor is, as when it's 80 in Miami you feel a nice breeze but it doesn't make the temperature drop down to 70. When a front comes through wind chill can take a temperature well below freezing and the app may say 40 degrees.

I'm still watching the tropics, however I had to admit watching it more out of curiosity as the moisture that keeps showing up works it's way west into the Caribbean and then links up with dipping fronts and lows forming in the Gulf or off the coast of South Florida and it enhances the moisture and energy of the cold fronts bring down cold weather. The more moisture, the more chance of snow or ice in the SE at some point this winter.  Throw in that the possibility of a Southern Jet setting up and you have a real linkage between moisture in the tropics and cold air flowing across the Nation. I know long run on sentence before, but my coffee hasn't kicked in and the heater is drying out my head making me get that "winter headache" I get up north unless I am in Crown Heights where someone still uses steam heat. Got to tell you...steam heat works much better for people with sinus...   anyways..........

Reason I am going "here" is because the cold air "up there" by Canada is coming this way, fusing with fronts moving in from the Pacific and this is not going to be a winter like the last. If you gave your coat away thinking that Global Warming was on it's way... you better go out today for sales on Black Friday and buy a new heavy, winter coat you are going to need it this winter! Mittens, socks, scarves...toe warmers if you do Yoga.

Nice website that shows you the styles for this winter and the best places to buy:

Take a look at this image of weather a week from now. That's a double barrel High across the whole of the East Coast all the way down to South Florida... so you might want to get your cute boots and whatever winter clothes you have and keep them ready.. you will have lots of chances to use them this winter.


So....mozey on over to Pinterest or Instagram and pick out the coat you want and then splurge this Black Friday on the one you like... because you'll need to keep it handy..  

Or...wait until Cyber Monday where I got good buys last year and didn't have to put on a coat or worry on the wind chill...  telling you no matter what they tell you .... they put out good sales and usually throw shipping and handling in for free... easy..

Besos Bobbi

Ps..Going shopping for those last few things I need to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for Shabbos.

Yesterday we had a small, nice mini meal with lots of side dishes and a little Turkey ;)

Apple Pumpkin Curry Soup
Turkey medallions breaded with onion rings crushed up into flour :)
Collard Greens
String Beans in a "lite" sauce ...kind of casserole
Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallow fluff
Mashed Potatoes with Tofutti Sour Cream and Chives 
Fresh Cranberry Sauce made with Wine and Fig Preserves
Salad with Sweet Tea Vinaigrette 
Chestnut Cornbread Stuffing
Pumpkin Vanilla Rice Pudding.

Had pumpkin pie tartlets with coffee for breakfast and a vanilla pumpkin WW shake for lunch

In a few days I'll be pumpkin out... but very, very cold... except for when I am wearing my winter coat!


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