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Friday, July 29, 2011

Don Makes His Move on Texas, Atlantic Wave May Become Hurricane Emily

Okay, that's a sort of gutsy call but I do think that the next wave in the Atlantic has the potential to become a hurricane not just a tropical storm. It also has the potential to make people in South Florida and Cuba worried on it's track.

I've heard chatter online about how Haiti would be in the way.

1...That does not forebode well for the Islands that it's assumed that it will affect the islands. Never assume anything as they say.

2... Never bet on Haiti to protect the US and Cuba. It happens, it happens often but just as often a storm rides the north coast or just keeps going like Hurricane Georges who traversed most of Haiti without so much as burping.

3... It could go south of or north of Haiti. Are we so sure it's forming that we are now figuring on Haiti being America's windbreak in the Caribbean?

This is all long range talk, but about a week or two ago a long term model showed just this scenario with a weak storm around South Florida, another wave behind it that would be Franklin and Gert about to come off the coast of Africa. Everyone made fun of the long range model, but it seems to be playing out. Go figure..

What I am sure of is this spate of "tropical storms" will not last forever and this season is going to be busy, very busy so hang onto your hurricane hats and buy your supplies and get ready to track Hurricanes. August is hurricane country, and we should have some "Hurricane Days" on the calendar soon.

As for Don... coming in just north of the border, doing that Brownsville/Corpus Christi two step. Lots of rain, possibly a few twisters and some great memories to tell the kids.

As for Emily... she's out there, closer than you think.

Sweet Tropical Dreams

She's got a big pocket, she could be a huge storm with knock out bands...

We'll see


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