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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ice Storm ???

Well I put question marks as it seems this is like where in Miami in Absence of Malice it's explained it's not a shark attack unless a shark walks down Biscayne Blvd and bites a tourist...

The trees are coated in ice, it looks like some winter wonderland postcard...the lawn furniture here has icicles yet they refuse to say it's an "ice storm" just a wintery mix.

A slightly busted forecast or wishcast it seems.

They insisted the rain would move "up" from the south as another batch of icy mix went from west to east... well Virginia the system from west to east won out and we are hovering at 32 degrees which means not a lot is going to melt and we are still having icy drizzle...

Guess am not getting back home anytime real soon... looking at tickets back to sunshine and home and I think it's really cool how the pine trees are going crystal white...looks like the winter snow spray we used to spray in school on the Christmas Tree in Elementary School. Mind you that was as close as I got to having one, that and being allowed to help our neighbors throw tinsel on their trees. I'm wondering how serious this winter storm is going to is cancelled. I saw that coming.

Though my kids go to school back home on Miami Beach, a block from the ocean and bathing beauties having their pictures taken for magazines that will come out in the Spring.

I always wanted to see an Ice Storm. I suppose this mild one is as close as I should wish for...

Seems to be ridiculous that a place cannot get a 3 day forecast right and yet last year my kids got caught in a flood in Aventura and had to abandon their car and walk 3 blocks in thigh high water while the NWS was debating putting up an "urban flood advisory" so guess the one constant with weather is government officials never want to go with what seems the logical forecast and wishcast an easier one and pray for the best.

Luckily, they have salted the roads...not that I will be going out anytime soon...

Besos Bobbi
ps.... just looked outside... will take more pics everything is iced over ... yet it's not an Ice Storm...hmnnnnn


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