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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sun Storm... It's Hot on the Sun if nowhere else..

I don't know where you are but where I am on Planet Earth it is way, way too cold. If I have to put on two pairs of leggings to go to the gym...that is two too many for me!

But, don't worry there is a storm on the surface of the sun...nice and warm there.

Problem is we still aren't sure how that will or it won't affect the weather.

I find it kinda funny that we try ad predict in December what the following Hurricane Season will be like over six months away and yet we are still not sure how this new storm on the sun will affect Planet Earth later this month...

Okay...mercury retrogrades or solar flares can be blamed for the communication problems.

Are we going into a new Mini Ice Age as some have predicted and can we finally stick a fork into "Global Warming" ???

There is a nice video on this site where you can watch the sun erupting if you think that will warm you up...

Besos Bobbi

ps...another article.... calling it a tsunami...sort of sounds like hype... maybe not


At 6:38 AM, Blogger Fishing said...

mho- the poles are rotating :) hiya. online, but not.


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