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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday and Bleak Tropics

We know its a done deal that the Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season of 2010 is almost over. I've never been much of a post game tropical analysis person... it's over, I've written all summer and into fall about it and anyone can read back on my thoughts. That said, I will do something in a few days on my favorite memories of this hurricane season.

Fronts moving east.... winter is almost here. Was 74 this morning in Miami.

Am going out to return a few things and figure out where I want to do lunch and relax before this evening's Shabbos meal with friends at the Temple.

Temples to some people are I suppose Target and Walmart on Black Friday. It's not really my thing.... I figure time is money and I don't like crowds and you can get better deals online this year I think than standing in line. Bought a pair of winter, purple, flannel Pajamas from Victoria Secrets yesterday with free slippers and free me that is a deal. Starry Dreams or something like that...


Going out to enjoy my beautiful city and watch people rushing about and find a beach somewhere to stare at the water. May you all have the best Black Friday you can and be happy and loved.

Besos Bobbi


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You too Bobbi ma goo :)


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