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Friday, August 06, 2010

Colin and Other Tropical Thoughts

Colin is cruising along towards a date with Bermuda... however you cut it Bermuda should get weather from this so as far as I see things .. Colin affects Bermuda. Well, unless something is really off and Colin splits and one part of his convection gets lost and stalls and does some sort of 3 Faces of Eve Dance. Colin is Colin.

Out in the Atlantic are three possible centers from a long, spread out ...wide area of convection. Let's call them Larry, Moe and Curly and I'm figuring none of them are going to make it to prime time unless they have a sex change operation or are cross dressers in which case Danielle may come out of hiding though she is progged to be a fish storm. Amazing...not even here on the maps and already written out of the script.

So... these are my thoughts..

If you are burned out from Colin or simply wishing on the weekend... I'd like to bring up a few topics before storms start popping and we can't remember we were bored, lethargic or afraid the whole season is going to be a bust.

According to Long Term models supposedly Danielle and Earl are down the road about to pop.... either in the Atlantic or close in around the Gulf.. if Earl does the Gulf again I may lose it ;)

Fishy or not... think there is a sense here that they are all gonna be weak storms or fish storms and there is almost a dread to get invested in an invest because it's not going to be much but some wishy washy fish storm and barely more than a Tropical Storm

I say not... I say we are losing it to the hype that was the Mother of All Seasons and because we have yet to see any storm hit a home run we think this is all too boring to deal with .... a bunch of players walked with the bases loaded and suddenly the inning is over....

Well, I'm a Red Sox fan and we tend to stick around for the whole season...

My sport is football but I think this is a better analogy.

September Remember is the saying and it's a saying for a reason... we will remember this September I believe...and October.

So question?

How does this heat wave get unstuck.... note to people here who whine and complain we all want storms and death and destruction....there are more deaths from Heat Waves than Hurricanes and Tornadoes statistically. I'd fear the heat more than a Category 1 or 2 storm ...or even a 3.

Questions I would like answered (please)

1. When is this heat wave letting go of it's grip?

2. Will the ULL mess continue and if so how and when will that change?

3. Which area in the basin is most conductive right now to storms.

4. Wasn't that some lightning spectacle yesterday... great graphic... not to go too heavy into that but if things ramp up in a few days can we say the lightning did it?

5. Northern Lights... wish I saw them... Sun put on some storm the other day and a beautiful light show... some people think that's connected to a switch being turned on in the tropics.

6. MJO or lack of it... (for Jim haha) is that a factor?

7. Lack of Tropical Activity EVERYWHERE???? All basins slow to erupt.

8. Will Fiona hit Miami and Burn Notice can make one heck of an advertising link?

9. Does all this hot weather in the Mid-Atlantic lean towards a Fran sort of storm

10. The Juice Loop has been weird lately...sometimes there seems to be more juice not in the tropics than in the tropics.

I would really like some answers to these questions and everyone to wake up cause if the best TWC can do is issue a contest who comes out of retirement first Brett or Colin you got to know it's a slow start to a VERY BUSY SEASON.

TGIF.... Good Shabbos
Besos Bobbi


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