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Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Vacation....

Having a June Vacation here with my youngest son. We are having some quality time here, watching Burn Notice 24/7 (what is that? Does USA show anything else) and watching all our favorite watering holes on TV. I can almost taste a real cafecito from my favorite bodega off of Washington Avenue and Lincoln Road... or feel the breeze at Dinner Key under a palm tree.

Speaking of breezes... that tropical wave bombed out and it's still swimming along towards Hispaniola and Cuba and the Florida Keys as I type this...

We watched the Tropical Update but alas I am not into systems in the EPAC so we went back to Burn Notice. I love it! I remember standing on that Beach behind the cabanas by Noel...anyway.

The wave is down to Yellow, it could be more active in a few days and needs to be watched until it crashes on some beach in South America like the other African wave.

So, sort of on a vacation here with the youngest son... I'll be back when something is happening on the sats and not just on the television. Hey, we saw a scene filmed behind his school and on the steps of my father's old office and CocoWalk and down the block from where we used to live... love it... like watching moving images of my childhood and well... very Miami really!!


Besos Bobbi

Would I love to be on Lincoln Road Mall right now... no... Bayside, definitely Bayside...


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