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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Obama's Oiloo?

Talking to a friend on this tonight... Waterloo ... Oiloo... same thing...

I've heard it said that La seems to be an administration breaker... not sure.

Just know that all everyone is talking about is the oil... as a metaphor for everything that is broken right now that needs to be fixed...and this is NOT a partisan issue..

Washington is broke in that it has been going on automatic for a long time.

They are having hearings in DC on whether or not to ban peanuts from airplanes. Is that some joke? I mean... does the FAA really need to ban peanuts because some people are allergic to them? What is next egg products?

Our government has gotten so big and so unable to handle this it makes you worry on what will happen this coming hurricane season...

Good discussion on the boards... lots of boards, every weather site in town is covering the leak as if it is a weather event..

Look at the home page of Intellicast .... Oil Spill Map.

Time to start making changes in our energy sources, in the way we care for this planet and for the way we do business in Washington... we need more options.

For now until something more wicked comes this way...this is the story of the Year...

And... best case scenario is to flow through August during a busy hurricane season..

Going to bed... going to try not to dream of oil balls in my sleep.

Besos Bobbi
Ps...did not know I was a verb, hmmmmm... never thought on it before...


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