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Friday, May 21, 2010

Possible Tropical Systems Forming... Will Alex Be Tropical or Sub-Tropical

only time will tell...

This season seems primed to be a media specialists dream season. A week or so before the official start of the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season two areas of disturbed weather are being closely monitored for possible development into a named system in a few days time.

An Invest is up on the Navy site and it's not even June, we don't even have Tropical Updates on TWC ... yet we have tropical developments on the satellites.

Off the east coast of Florida is a system that may develop into a sub-tropical storm or just sort of bring in some story weather early next week. There are models that show it moving up towards the Carolinas and from their models differ on it's track inland or lallygagging around in circles in the Atlantic off the coast of Florida.

Another system down in the Caribbean pulses up and down in intensity and attracts attention and the models have been playing with that as well. You can watch it yourself in technicolor animation below.

NOTE... ANY development in this part of the Carib or the Gulf this year will bring added attention to the Oil Slick, the Loop Current and any effect the oil will or won't have on development, track and disbursement of the oil oozing it's way through the Gulf.

As for me I am watching that Carolina system for an attempt to play in Myrtle Beach. Maybe Alex wants to do Margaritaville in Myrtle Beach? Well, know I always love to do that. But, home in Miami right now and enjoying the butterflies and bees and never seen it this bright ...except for years when we had a lot of tropical weather. The atmosphere is just begging for something to develop this season. Water temps are high and shear may be low, may be a season to remember.

Also there has been a lot of discussion by mets as to whether or not the oil will or won't affect the hurricane season. I will address that later in another post when there is not actually something to watch in the tropics.

And, in a year where hail fell in Oklahoma in biblical proportions...

We should keep an eye on the tropics as something wicked this way may come ...sooner or later this season.

It's going to be a bumpy ride, so hang onto your hats and keep your eyes on the tropics!

Besos Bobbi from Beautiful, Balmy Miami
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