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Friday, May 14, 2010

That Was The Week That Was... Weather Wise

Back before my time, before the Monkees sang their first song on the Television there was a show called "That Was The Week That Was" and I'm beginning to think I should do a weekly weather round up this year on the blog. Well, at least when things are slow and there are no hurricane warnings up anywhere. Will see, but for now here is my weekly round of weather events in the week that was...

A Twister in Morrow County in Ohio was confirmed by the National Weather Service after the system that slammed Oklahoma earlier in the week moved East.

And, Tornadoes continue dancing across the Plains as Tornado Season reigns over the Heartland, before our attention shifts southward towards the Gulf Coast.

Look at that image above, current this Friday Morning... a storm the size of a Hurricane out over Twister Country...landlocked causing misery as it moves along creating real life devastation usually seen only when watching Helen Hunt chase tornadoes in her now famous white tank top!

Please note ....the plume of constant tropical moisture that is moving north from the Gulf to tangle with the dipping cold fronts that have created this Twister War Zone* may in fact give us an active Tropical Season in the Gulf this June and July.

Loop that loop and I wonder how soon it will be before things start to form in the Bay of Campeche... of course the upper level winds need to die down a bit but the moisture is there and if something does form how would that affect the oil oozing along in the Gulf?

So many questions for this hurricane season..and in Tuscon today they are talking Hurricanes as the AMA wraps up their discussion of Hurricanes in a place that doesn't get any. A great article below that illustrates the connection between meteorology and the economy. Sometimes it seems a link is worth a thousand words and I am late for Zumba ;)

Coming up next is the Ever Famous Florida Governor's Conference which has provided Floridians with a wealth of information and me several really wonderful shirts to sleep in ... .... (thank you to you know who...) ... very tempted to be there (thinking online here while I type) but will see. I'll be back in Florida in a few days and I'll Scarlett like think on that tomorrow...

As for today.... our weather concerns turn skyward as the Space Shuttle is scheduled to lift off from Cape Kennedy later today... only time will tell when it comes to good weather in Florida in May...

And, if you think we are weather obsessed in the States... from the news of the weather weird... seems people in England obsess on weather more than we do!

As for the Tropics today in the Atlantic, there are beautiful tropical waves riding westbound too low to get a name but strong enough to catch our attention.

The water is really, really hot out there!

Keep watching... as for me I am going to Zumba and get ready for the weekend. Good Shabbos...

Besos Bobbi

Ps link to enjoy for the original television that many enjoyed:

*Twister War Zone, that's my term and if any of my friends steal it and you see it in graphics on the TWC you'll know where they got it ;)


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