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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tropical Formation Alert for Epac System... that is East Pacific

We have a Tropical Formation Alert for a system possibly forming in the East Pacific whose energy is spread out over a large area and an unsure long term track... first it has to form.

There has been a lot of talk about energy from this system crossing over into the Western Caribbean. First let's see it form before playing Fantasy Hurricane Tracking.

Note though that you can see a lot of the high clouds and associated moisture spreading east even though it is edging west at about 1mph... approximately.

On the plus side the stronger convection is consolidating and band like features are becoming visible on the visible... (okay, am in a playful mood tonight...enjoy )

The visible often tells the tale, so does the water vapor loop but we are still in the watch and see and wait mode... sort of a test run for the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season while we sit and wait for Alex to form in the Atlantic.

Personally, I always thought this was a weak list but I clearly remember making fun of it with my best friend back in 92 and well Andrew, Bonnie, Charley...sounded like whose who of the English Royal Family. But, so far only Bonnie has not been retired so am going to stop making fun of that list ;)

What is in a name? Could this be Agatha forming? Could Agatha try to began Alex?

Stay tuned for the rest of the 2010 Hurricane Season...

Sweet Tropical Dreams... Bobbi purple dot does not mean it gets a name.... watch and wait.... the creed of hurricane trackers.


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