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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Jim William's Picks from Hurricane City for Possible Landfalls in 2010

Jim Williams gave his kick off show last night and posted his picks for the 2010 Hurricane Season. The picture above is from my computer... that is what you would have seen had you been watching and you can watch by going to his site and downloading it after reading this blog. I know, I know.. you thought it was Apollo 13 right? Come on tell the truth... smiling... just they do sort of look like they are up there in outer space in a meteorology lab don't they...

What you might not know is he has been extremely accurate the last few years, many of his top city picks were hit by a named tropical storm or hurricane. He has this whole formula that is mathematical and complicated and very precise....and often very accurate. He has an uncanny way of picking the areas that will be in the path of danger.

A lot of other reports focus on numbers... vague predictions of how many named storms or major hurricane we will get but Jim tries to highlight areas that are statistically overdue and who have patterns that compel you to watch them this year. And, we are not talking... kinda sort of maybe a few hundred miles close to a city but within 60 miles.

His #1 pick for this year is VERO BEACH... Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and the Bahamas come in real high as well. Watch the show for yourself online and see all of his picks and the reasons he gives for why he picked them.

Become a member and then when you get your password log in and listen and you will be happy you did!

Check it out for yourself...and while there feel free to donate to keeping this amazing site going strong. This year is forecast to be a bad year in the tropics and when things pop in the tropics they are used to Jim's site being there providing information. I'm on the message board that his site hosts with the help from an amazing few people who keep the board operating properly... thank you Chris in Tampa!

Sample post here:

A few great sites around the web but most are run as professional money making sites and nickle and dime you to death with advertisements and links.. Jim's site keeps those to the minimum and relies heavily on support from members and the money and time and effort he puts into it. It's amazing... and worth becoming familiar with before some hurricane becomes familiar with your town and sets a course for your home.

Hurricane City is Jim's website.. it is a community though of people who support and respect Jim and who communicate via message boards and chat rooms. The site itself provides and education on storms that have made history along hurricane coasts. I'm happy to say that I have watched it grow and change and stay on top of the newest trends from on air broadcasting to twitter.

Jim gives the best Tropical Update around... jam packed with info that is hard to get anywhere else.

So...that's my post for the day.

Oh....and Agatha sleeps with the fishies.... and I do think anything that develops in the SW Carib will most likely go into the Pacific for now.

Oil is oozing as you read this and the most recent procedure to cap the flow hit a snag... a real calamity, you'd think a company this big and this rich could figure out a way to do this better.... of course as any Boyscout knows you need to be prepared, shame the people running BP were not taught as well... Jim's site provides a link to the oil cam and other info there as well.

Take care and be well and besos for now...

Ps... nice shirts they have on there :)


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