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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

NHC Awards Yellow Circle to Caribbean Cruiser Tropical Wave

However, even though they put it up on their site they give it a zero percent chance of forming? I'm a bit confused here ...why bother??? Well, it's there way of saying "Head's Up Islands, you are in for some nasty weather!!!"

Or....they could be covering their governmental asses as it seems the wave has possibilities if it survives the John Hope Wind Tunnel of Shear in the Eastern Carib.

Usually a system not formed going into the Carib would not get the NHC's attention publically but shear is forecast to drop and some model's want it to come out and play.

Will see... just a heads up here and a statement of fact... got a Yellow Circle up in the Carib. For tropical information on the Carib always go to and follow the links to satellites or to read reports from people in the islands.

As for me, got things to do today, people to see, "stuff" to plan and going to listen to the incredible Mills Brothers as their song is most definitely in my mind today while watching news from yesterday's elections and following the saga of the BP Oil Spill From Hell ... DAY 50....

Besos Bobbi


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