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Friday, June 04, 2010

Weekly Round Up and Thoughts on Oil and Hurricanes

This is how the tropics look today, our side of the world...the Atlantic Tropical View.

Nothing new out there today, just a westbound tropical wave far out in the Eastern Atlantic. Some models actually keep this wave together, intact and affecting the Leeward or Windwards next weekend. Time will tell. An Atlantic crossing for a tropical wave this time of year is a hard feat to accomplish, but this year the Atlantic is primed for early development. Very hot water, low shear and SAL is staying high and not sucking the moisture out of the ever present tropical waves. So, let's pretend this is early July and not early June when looking at those westbound waves.

The Gulf is quiet... the Carib is still quiet.

Enjoy the peace and quiet, because it's not going to last forever. We live in the real world here at Hurricane Harbor and we deal with what is, what could be and what we can do to prepare for a landfalling hurricane.

As for the weekly roundup...

Tropical Cyclone Phet affected the Indian Ocean that has come alive with possibilities and development.

And, a lot of crazy, wild weather has been moving east as we are still in a sort of zonal flow as air masses clash between alternating hot and cold air masses, the result being very loud booming thunderstorms complete with flooding rains. And, it is very hot everywhere from the Carolinas to South Florida.

And....on the OIL FRONT.... these are just my thoughts... after witnessing the sad tragedy unfold on the news as tar balls the size of Frisbees are washing up onto Florida beaches now is that "not fair" or what? Florida did not want the platforms but states are allowed to make their own decisions even though they share the same beaches and tidal patterns. Does that make sense? Shouldn't that be more a Federal decision? And, I'm a big believer in States Rights but this is not right..

What are we doing to our Planet... our beaches, our air ...our future?

We have embarked on the last several decades of trying not to confront problems that were ticking time bombs. This is not a case of "closing the barn door after the horse has left the stable" this is about a blinking sign that flashed on and off "warning, warning the horse is leaving the stable" and everyone waited for someone else to do something or hoped it would not happen on their watch.

We have a satellite that was one of the premier tools of the marriage between meteorology and space exploration and we let it die a slow death...watching it die like a slow train wreck and yet nothing was designed to replace it before it died.

Worse case scenario for New Orleans was a levee failure due to a hurricane making landfall in that region yet we waited until after the levee broke to figure out how to fix it. We hoped it would happen on someone else's watch... or we argued who was responsible... the mayor..the Governor...the President...

Offshore drilling carried with it its worst case scenario and yet we pretended to believe that the big men with the big suits on and all the money would have solutions.

A category ONE hurricane hit the Miami area and the entire grid of FPL's decayed telephone poles and rotten wires came crashing down and the substations system collapsed like over boiled spaghetti. They made a fortune during those years when no storm hit the South Florida area yet they wanted levees put onto customers to repair the grid that was not maintained properly when they had those easy days.

As a society we are not looking at the big picture but trying to make it to work and home again without having to DO anything to deal with the bigger problems.

This is not a problem the Republicans have created or that the Democrats have created but a problem that we have all created and all tried to ignore.

This hurricane season as tar balls the side of Frisbees are washing up on the beaches that we know so well and are usually covered by teams of reporters upon a hurricane's landfall. And, seagulls are now coated in oil and this is a tragedy, a disaster.

Except this problem was man made..based on greed and a refusal to deal with the associated problems that we knew might happen someday.

Well...someday is here...

Hoping that this problem helps us look into ourselves to see what we have done to not use alternative clean fuels, not voted for better leaders who know how to take control and not make excuses and pass the bucket. To not believe in Corporate America or Corporate anything to protect the little man, the small beautiful beaches and pelicans coated in blood colored oil.

America needs to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee and take responsibility for how we make decisions and who we trust.

And, we need to do it fast before whole regions lose their two main economic sources, fishing and tourism. From Grande Isle to Naples the Gulf has some of the most beautiful beaches and water fronts anywhere in the world and ... over a third of our seafood as a nation comes from that part of our country.

So... going to go have some Iced Coffee and get some things set up for Shabbos and the weekend and I'll be back with more tropical coverage later.

Take care and be well...

Besos Bobbi
Pensacola Beach TV News... today Pensacola...tomorrow another beach and another and it's due to be in the Carolinas by July if it is indeed in the Gulfstream... the world is a stream of currents of air and water... we are one world.. something important to remember..


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