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Saturday, June 12, 2010

INVEST 92 ---- BIG Tropical Wave wants to get a name

Watching what might be the beginning of the birth of the first Tropical Depression of the 2010 year... might being the operative word here.

And, I am not the only one watching it. Have a whole slew of tropically inspired friends up late on a Saturday Night watching this link and others.

Very nice looking wave. Big, huge... has the beginning of banding and what looks like a heart. Time will tell. It's late on a Saturday night, see how it looks tomorrow morning. In the meantime I am going to sit a spell and watch and talk to some friends online.

Very hot in the Deep South... unusually hot for this time of year. Hot and heavy and the air just hangs like a big question mark for what is coming next this summer. Flash floods in Arkansas have killed a lot of people... close to 20 now with people still missing and the toll has been high on old people and babies unable to grab a hold of tree limbs like the survivors who rode out the tragic event for up to five hours before they were able to find a measure of safety.

The wave is very low, but very big and those low, big waves that start to pull north can sometimes avoid negative conditions and come out winners in the end. If they, like the people clinging to trees in a flash flood can hold on..

Where would it go? Well, seeing as it is an "invest" they have some possible tracks.

another presentation from one of my favorite cities :)

Personally, I wish it would get a designation.. just a TD 1 would be fine. That number 92 makes me nervous, every time I see it all I can think of is...well you know another storm from this list whose name was retired. Different wave, different time of year and just my own little mental image connected to 92 screams tropical.

And, what's the official word from the NHC?

15 MPH."

So...we wait and watch and see what does or doesn't develop.

And, watching the news on the flash flood and the more recent severe weather in Indy.

Have to say one thing here... weather happens. Climo gets studied, but weather happens fast and often too fast to react.

I read a lot of criticism about the parents of the young girl trying to sail around the world. This was a yacht that had on it the latest, best electronic, meteorological equipment that money could buy. She sailed before she walked. She's one tough girl and her parents made a judgement call that to them seemed a no brainer, they had faith in her and that was their way of life.

A world away people take their kids, babies... camping in secluded parks, far away places and park their campers by river beds and rely on weather reports much like the sailing girl did and does anyone ask if those parents were right or wrong to take small children out into an area where danger could come to them? No, of course not. And, I wonder why the double standard? Probably more people get into accidents camping around America than sailing around the world. And, I heard it said that people camping in remote areas should keep a weather radio handy... have to tell you that's one of the stupidest things I have ever heard because in reality if you are camping so far away, in a secluded spot chances are your weather radio does not get a signal. Chances are your cell phones don't get a signal unless you have one fantastic cell phone.

Two summers ago I was riding with my son through corn fields in Iowa, cornstalks were bending like they were doing the Watusi, clouds were so low you could touch them and my cellphone would not keep a signal and the weather radio was deader than a doornail, we were between transmitters. The weather report showed possibly severe weather and that was right... a tornado touched down to the north of us. It's a long four hour ride from Postville to the airport in St. Paul. But, aside from a momentary phone call from my hysterical brother in Miami who was watching TWC from the safety of his air-conditioned home in Miami and watching them show the line of severe storms we had no real notice of impending bad weather or funnel clouds.

To people who love to camp, hike and spend vacation time far away in the forest, in a ravine near a river it's a no brainer... it's safe, it's serene and they are as close to heaven as you can get.

We all choose our hobbies, we all pick our poisons... safety is an illusion.

Seems the sailing girl was safer and more able to call for help than the average hiking family in the Appalachian Trail on a summer afternoon or any trail.

And....there is no where you can go that does not have some sort of dangerous weather. Be it windstorm or dust storm or tropical storm... weather is what unites us and connects us... we complain about it, we laugh about it and we cry about it.

Weather happens... we do the best we can .... we take chances... we live and we love to share our weather stories.

As for me... going to bed and will look at the wave tomorrow morning.

And, may I say I would take Miami heat and humidity any day over heavy, hot, hazy days in the deep south... I'm a beach girl, give me a beach, a breeze or the beautiful low country and that is where I am in heaven.

Sweet Tropical Dreams... Bobbi


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