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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Tropics and a Non Weather Related October Surprise.

Quiet weather day. 
Pablo still up there with a name.
Moisture in the BOC remains.
Left behind... tail of a front.

A weak front on the Southern ends.
A wave westbound.
A beautiful Cinnamon Roll in the N Atlantic.
No...the cinnamon roll isn't getting a name.

But the biggest hit of the NC State Fair..
is a chicken sandwich from a cinnamon bun.
Cheese, bacon... obviously no I didn't try it.
Regardless...Cinnamon Buns are popular this year.

This is why we go to the State Fair.
To remove ourselves for a few hours...
...from the real world.
Eat carbs, fried food and sweet drinks.
To laugh and walk and wander....
... and get away from the crap in the world.
Whether you are flying high on a swirly ride...
...or looking up from below at a Ferris Wheel.
It's a great escape and NC State Fair rocks.

I went on this morning to do the weather...
...then I remembered the 9 AM Press Conference.
So here I am hours later.

Note nothing is rolling in the tropics just now.
But we will see Rebekah form somewhere.

Sunday morning. Big news day. October Surprise, but not in the tropics. This blog is about weather, but as someone with a degree in International Relations (special emphasis "Russia" and the Kurds.... ) it's an interesting impressive day. You live by bombs, I supposed you die by bombs but way too many who lived by peace are caught up by horrible villains that I will not use other worse words .... who made many victims who only wanted peace. An American Human Rights Activist on a humanitarian mission was killed brutally and I'd say put politics aside and give honor to those who try to do good in the world and thanks to special troops who went in and rid the world of a monster whose vile message was sickly romanticized by many misguided people who got sucked into his schemes. That's it.  I was going to write earlier but waited to watch the Press Conference and it kind of amazed me that even I forgot about Kayla (tho the graphic pilot burned alive was a visual we all remember) but amazing how in the flow of life and the stories on the news that try and hold the news captive with various agendas we forget about people like Kayla Mueller who only wanted to do good and help make the world a better place.

I remember thinking....
...she looked just like one of my kid's best friends.
Some girl who would be making smiling selfies.
Sad story, in her memory give charity.
And know the world is bigger....
...than partisan politics.

It's a big world, way bigger than weather but the atmosphere knows no borders as storms roll from Africa westbound with the prevailing winds towards North America.... they wipe out a population on an island in the Bahamas and the true death toll cannot be figured out yet... and then after terrifying most of the East Coast it swirls off out to sea taking aim at Halifax and England and then Mother Nature does it again with more storms and even weak, small Pablo takes on the Azores once again. Systems roll off of Japan and the Pacific across the ocean, slamming into the NW or Alaska and trek East bound, it's an amazing world from an atmospheric point of view and then .... eventually.... really........the Polar Vortex descends down going wherever it wants to. Tropics rule through November and then what goes up... eventually pushes what's up there down and we move on to Winter Weather Season. Using Cranky's image on one of our tropical players to illustrate how that works below.

What goes up ....
...forces things that must come down.

We didn't get a lot of moisture.
From this front passing through.
Oh and it's currently 75 degrees.
Feels more tropical than anything else.

My only issue with weather knowing no borders is that the weather often stops at North Carolina; not always but more often than not. Hurricanes clip the Outer Banks and move away.... Cold Fronts descend and fall apart around the Carolinas and even East bound fronts go weak when they get to our borders. This I suppose is why so many people move here. We have the "Seasons" but we don't get punishing and hurricanes usually play down by the coast and we don't usually have earthquakes though some tornadoes happen.

So yeah big news day. Weather wise not so much going on but we continue to watch while going about our day. I went out last night to local place that plays live music on Saturday Nights. You know those local bands where musicians live out their musical dreams on the local music scene and people sip good beer or wine and sometimes dance along. It was good. I needed it. My husband was extremely agreeable so for a few hours I sipped Tequilla with Sprite (yeah really just a drop) and played with the cherries the waitress from Memphis threw in as I just wanted to sip something and get lost in the music but no fall off the diet... you know women always counting calories or carbs or something.

And as for #alBaghdadi .... let me say this. Why is it so big? This is from a woman who earned a degree with honors in this field of International Relations. Bin Laden was more of a pirate not even really a rogue nation he took the game wherever he went, it was all about him in ways and while I knew he was there many did not really know who he was before 911 unless of course you are a news nut like me. He was dangerous, inspiring and inspired death wherever his fighters went to do his bidding... with an end game mission. But alBaghdadi as the Hashtag shows.... wanted to create a Kingdom... a Caliphate is basically a Kingdom not a nation and it in this case had a very dangerous message wishing those who do not agree with a death... or to come under their power like some old novel or a movie made with lots of costumes and battles on a movie set but in this case they want to change the world. It was a step bigger, wider and he caused more mischief in that region becoming the enemy of nations who rarely agree on anything other than wanting him gone.

So not making this political as in 2020 election but about 2019 and an interesting October Surprise and no it's not the end of ISIS but it's a huge dent in their propaganda and the reason International Relations students study so much geography and various Earth Sciences is that the resources a nation has from a balmy climate to oil to a lack of natural resources fuels their foreign relations policies and defines them usually... and if you don't believe me ...ask the ghost of Napolean if you can find him. If not... try Chicken Marengo (Google it) great chicken dish we owe to his favorite chef who found a way to feed him when there wasn't much left after his troops foraged and destroyed a good part of Europe the way Sherman did in the South but there was a chicken left for Chicken Marengo!

Have a great day.... stay safe ...find a way to smile... remember good souls who died trying to do good and remember them in some way and enjoy your life today whether you are at a Fair or on the Golf Course on in Church or doing your weekly shopping.

Life goes on.... the tropics go on but not today.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... really Hollywood needs to make good old shows like this more often. My kids loved it. I always thought they said Corey not Corky but well... my mind.... but the message is true. Life goes on...  Do what you love and love who you love and show love.


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