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Monday, October 28, 2019

Invest 99L Can it become Rebekah ? Fires in California ... Santa Ana Winds.

This big, beautiful North Atlantic Swirl.
Is Invest 99L
NHC only has it at 20%
But it seems to be fast tracked.
For closer inspection.
A possible designation.'s up to West a bit from Pablo.

Sometimes NHC has this disconnect.
It often means they fast track things.
That they feel need further inspection.

Pablo is up there also.
I'll talk on Pablo another day.
There isn't much to say.
So little that Mike decided not to do..
...his Facebook Live today.
I know some who refuse to talk on Pablo.
I'm here to provide information.
Sometimes I go long on explanation.
Or I editorialize a bit if upset.
But today I'm just reporting the facts.

Short term 10%
Long term 20%
Spoiler Alert:
This may change fast so if you care...'s there.
On the far side of the Atlantic.

Closer to home on our side of the world.
We watch the Caribbean this time of year.
And we watch off the SE coast.
Fronts race down and then collapse.
Like a runner that finished the race...
...and is out of breath.
You know they need to catch their breath.
And then they stand up again.
Always watch dead fronts.
Be they in the Caribbean where Pirates dance...
...or off the Carolinas and Florida.
Because you just never know in late October.
Or early November.

Turning the world around a bit more.
No videos today... 
...well maybe later.

Today the fires in California light up our news feeds.
Again I lived there a long time.
I saw fires up close yet still far away.
Fires can make illusions.
A fire high up on the hill...
...looks like it's right in front of you.

So how does this set up work?
What is a Santa Ana.
Going to use Cranky's graphics.
He's my favorite map maker.
@crankywxguy on Twitter

Cranky does weather ...
...but as I have said.
Every meteorologist is a bit of a geologist.
Or a geographist  (that's not a word is it?
it should be a word)
We love maps.
It is what it is.

Add caption

These great maps explain how Santa Ana winds form and they are well forecast to form so usually there is an expectation they could happen and fires can and will pop up suddenly in areas where the wind races down the plains. (No I don't mean Oklahoma) and on top of this let's do a bit of botany. The hillsides in California are often covered in chaparral and as that plant has a high oil content naturally it tends to explode the moment a fire hits it and the embers fly far in the Santa Ana wind. It's a naturally occurring plant that actually has great medicinal properties but at the wrong time in the wrong place it can fuel a fire that is also being fueled by Santa Ana winds that are strong.... you know like if they were swirling in a circle in the Atlantic the NHC would name it but the names are location names according to a hill or a canyon where the fire is burning. Often homes are near those places and they also go up in flames the same way the plants burn and explode and go whoosh in the wind. And to be honest, this happened in the names of the Chumash Indians who lived in the Santa Monica mountains before there was a Hollywoodland sign or a Hollywood or million dollar mansions going up in flames. 

So yeah that happens.

Going to post some videos from Twitter.
They tell the story better than I can.

Remember the other day?
I said if you have ever driven by a fire.
Or God Forbid been in one.
You never forget.

And currently there is a new fire.
Known as the Getty Fire.
A beautiful place I know well.

It sits in a beautiful part of the world.
A place I used to love to drive up to.
Past Topanga Canyon...
...beyond friends in Malibu.
Up in the air...'s burning there today.

This is a satellite loop.
Shows the reality of what is.
The loop below has an illusion to it tho.

What's most odd is this video.
I knew it was from the fires.
But it looked as if California sprung a leak.
It looks like water leaking out..
...the way a fire hose looks.
Think about it.

As for Pablo being a hurricane.
Okay the NHC is the bottom line.
They get that call.
I hate that saying "it is what it is"
I did want what became Imelda..
..upgraded to a Potential Cyclone.
For heightened attention as I knew...
...Houston would flood.
And it had potential.

I'm just going to follow the weather.
The rest of the Hurricane Season is always
filled with odd systems out in the middle of nowhere.
Or very close in.
So watch carefully what can pop up close in.

A good video by a YouTuber.
Who does weather discussion.
Turn the sound up.
Wind makes crazy noise.
It can sound like a tropical storm but...'s not the tropics.

Fire can look like water on a satellite loop.
Sometimes fire burning sounds like rain.
If you close your eyes and listen.

Very crazy.
Mother Nature 

I'll update later today.
Should the Rebekah name be in play.
Or if anything needs reporting.

Have a wonderful week.
Halloween... Fall in the Carolinas.
Beautiful weather.
But it's snowing in Colorado.
Fire in California.

And maybe Rebekah  blowing in the wind.... the distant North Atlantic.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram.


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