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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hurricane Season 36 Days Away....... Getting Close. Vacation in Miami and Then I'll Be All About the Tropics. Wicked Weather Today of All Types... Check with the NWS Often for Updates.

So I'm in Miami.
Doing Passover Miami style.
Fried Plantains... Pico de Gallo
Meringues and fruit

I realized that Google doesn't show you boat time.
Part of this trip was on my son's boat.... 
Shows you distance for driving, flying and walking.
I guess tech companies aren't in Miami....
...doesn't take how long it takes by boat into consideration.

Spoiler alert that day began at 10:30 ended at 8 PM.

I know life goes on weather wise..........

This area today is under the gun.

They are having a NHC Conference in that area.
You think that's a sign for this hurricane season?
Could GOM be in for tropical trouble?
Many, including me, think it's very possible.

There was tornado damage in Louisiana today.

School field at a college there....

Nothing huge but not as tranquil as my weather has been.
Last night, watching sunset before heading in...

Earlier in the day we went to some Tropical Gardens.
More time alone with kids, Grandkids and peacocks........

They got flamingos too...

Meals with relatives....
Mucho cars everywhere.
Palm trees galore.

And yes the beat goes on... damage from NC tornado.

36 days away from Hurricane Season.

Snow makes an unwanted appearance Up North
Hurricanes happen in other oceans.

My friends and I are always watching the weather.

I should be back to normal beginning of the week.
This week is holiday time for me.
My family is large and always in motion.
So here, there and everywhere.

Saying hello.
Saying goodbye.

Have a good weekend.
Let's hope the NFL draft goes good for Fins and Panthers.

Til then it's all family.
Sometimes I'm blonde...
..sometimes brunette.
It changes often like the weather :)

In 36 days I'll be all about the tropics.
Actually.... a Month and counting all about hurricanes.
May 1st coming up really soon.
Epac begins May 15th 

So enjoying my family vacation.
Much love and stay safe and always watch the weather

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter and Instagram
Follow me there for faster updates in real time.
Hurricane Season coming at you soon... longer in the rear view mirror

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