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Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday Friday Tropical Update 99L Hanging On Creeping Towards the Caribbean. Ernesto Still Tropical For Now. What's Next?

Low chances of development.
But still hanging on.
Note below image.
This is the image that makes the most of what it's got.
Shows the color better than others.
Every little rain shower ....

 Old time favorite of mine.
Kind of like an old boyfriend you forgive for getting old.
Old is good as we only get better :)
Nah... really just mean with all their foibles..'s still the one I go to.
I like the wide open view.
Easy for me to browse.
Then later find a satellite I want to go to for specifics.
Note the lack of intense waves by Africa.
Continued Convection in the Caribbean.
99L with it's scattered energy.
Some of it is in the Caribbean Sea.
Some of it is far from the Caribbean.
Basically it's all over the place.

Jim Williams a good friend and great tracker says..
Pressures continue to be low in that region.
It's basic i know but correct.
To get a storm you need more than warm water and low shear.
You need pressures to start to drop.
And they aren't dropping.

Below we have an image we use to study the waves.
Way before they had public names they had pouch names.
We tracked pouches (think of a wave pocket)

Earthnull below.
Nada spinning in the region.
Because pressures have not fallen.

Kind of basic I know.
Listen sometimes weather in the tropics can be boring.
This year the North Atlantic is hot.

Keep watching.
Have a really great weekend.
I know you can almost smell Pumpkin Spice Latte in the air.

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps...For Fishing. First Tape you had to record twice.

Some great links to view for more tropical action...
down the road... 
In September if not late August!

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