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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Triple Trouble. Harvey, PTC10, 93L.. One Should Become Irma Sooner Rather Than Later.

Going to start off with Harvey and Houston. This has just been a seemingly never ending tragedy and yet it will end. Rescues are still going on. Eventually there may be recovery of bodies as the waters recede. And then the rebuilding begins and that may seem to take forever. Houston has been very lucky that they have not until recently had a strong, direct hit by a tropical event. Again Harvey made landfall at the coast removed some from Houston, but the rains came as the models predicted and so did the flooding. In between those years when Houston didn't get hurricanes there was incredible growth and a population shift into the 4th largest city in the nation. Houston is rich in jobs, diversity and a friendly Southern Texan feel not far from the coast and not prone to harsh winters. People came for jobs, for colleges and stayed. This happened in Miami in the 1970s and 1980s during hurricane free periods where it seemed all sunshine, balmy breezes and a great place to raise a family. And, then Andrew came in 1992 after about 27 years of severe hurricane drama. Ironically during the 1980s when Miami was Hurricane free the Gulf of Mexico was like Hurricane Central. This is Andrew for Texas, it's a wake up call that Hurricanes are coming back to one of their favorite destinations.

Note Harvey eventually leaves.

Shoots off to the NE 

PTC10 also is going to make that NE bend.
Out to sea.
But very stormy beach days today.
From Carolinas to NJ.

Out in the Atlantic is 93L
This could be Irma.
Or Jose.
Depends on PTC10.
It will be a long tracker.

Some models threaten the whole Eastern Seaboard, Florida and the Islands.. others tend towards not such bad scenario. We've seen these long range models before and what we take away from therm is that is westbound to our side of the world and expected to stay an entity for quite a while. So go through your hurricane supplies, medications, plans and rethink what you might want to do if a Hurricane comes to call. 

AGAIN...Houston Flooding is from the a stalled out Tropical System and a rare set up. Most hurricanes never encounter such a set up and many places can easily handle and get through a hurricane if the people in it's path take the proper precautions which is easy to do as we give very early warnings for a hurricane landfall. So don't focus on Harvey with regard to the rest of the season and feel you can't do anything to prepare... you can... Harvey is one for the history books. Will it be the most memorable hurricane of 2017? Time will tell. But the wave rolling off of Africa in early long range models shows it has potential to be a big hurricane. Will it? Again, time will tell.

For now know it's there and there will be more systems that track a long ways or pop up out of nowhere close in. The best thing you can be... is be prepared. Some models show more than one tropical threat down the road. Sobering I know. You may not want to hear that but it's true and I don't hype but I also don't lie and pretend it won't happen. 

Harvey has taken a massive toll on the people in Houston, the people working the storm in Houston, covering the storm online and forecasting it's track out of Texas. It's depressing, shocking and after several years of easy times in the tropics and strong El Ninos we got used to always getting lucky. At some point your luck runs out tropically. If you live in Hurricane Country from Texas to Maine you will at some time get visited by tropical trouble. In the quiet times, the easy times its a good time to put things away and make a plan.

I'll update later today.  Got a lot going on today. More on that later. 

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter

Ps... Give to whatever charity you trust but give. And prayers are always good.

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