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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Jamaican Flooding. Rain for Haiti and Maybe Miami & FL. Carib Blob a Hot Mess of Convection. Stay Tuned...

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This is a big story today in the Caribbean.
Not because it is going to get a name.
But because it has caused destruction in Jamaica.

You can Google it ...

Or I will for you...

And as the rains end in Jamaica...
...the rains begin in Hispaniola 

Phil Ferro on WSVN in Miami highlights the concerns.
He also highlights the hope for rain in South Florida.

Parts of South Florida need rain, most of Central Florida needs rain and North Florida is in a dangerous drought with forest fires plaguing parts of the area. Usually late May brings monsoonal rains in South Florida. The truth is the chances of rain are higher because it is disorganized. Large disorganized areas of convection meandering around in the Caribbean masked by a trof that isn't moving anywhere fast usher in the rain faster than anything else this time of year. Happens, a frontal boundary stalled out, moisture coming up from South America, caught in the flow being pulled north as yet another frontal boundary dips South. The system that caused dramatic footage of Twisters on the planes shown by storm chasers across the Internet yesterday will also dip down and take a look around the Caribbean to see what more damage it can do later in the week.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

For now there is a trench of High Pressure.
A finger or foot down in the Caribbean.
As always it's an atmospheric drama.
Stay tuned.
Stay informed.

I'll update if anything changes.

In other parts of the world we are having a tropical heatwave. The heat bubble that has been situated over Florida is moving North. A taste of summer in May along with cherries and tomatoes in the market on sale everywhere.

It won't last forever but it is a sign of the times.

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