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Monday, April 10, 2017

Weather Rolling Along. Passover. Freedom. Memories.

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As the world turns huh?
There's always weather somewhere.

A lot of my family and friends are traveling this weekend for Passover to relatives. There's a lot of chatter and negativity towards United and American Airlines on delays, disappointments and the poor way they handled problems after a few bad storms this past week. In truth they have more flights that come in and connect from places affected by weather. The NY to FLL route with other carriers are often less affected. Flights connecting through Baltimore are usually better than coming in from Chicago, Denver, etc....

Mother Nature tends to throw wrenches into traveling. I know people who decided to just drive South vs being stuck in airports. But is it really the airlines fault or Mother Nature? I guess if your flight got cancelled and they didn't announce it while you are sitting there at the airport but just sent you a text that got lost you might be annoyed. Can't blame everything on Mother Nature can you?

As for the new alerts this one reminds me oddly of a Golf Course with a big Palm Tree and flag by some hole. How I see the world. How do you see the world? I have a strange mind I guess ;)
United told passengers flights were delayed because of heavy traffic out of their Atlanta Hub so they blamed it on the Masters in Augusta. American said it was because of recovering from bad weather earlier in the week. 

Hmmmmm good thing the Israelites left Egypt on foot in the old days for the first Passover because they didn't have to worry about security or flights being cancelled... just the Red Sea parting.......

We all have our priorities. What are yours? 

Gotta run, got a brisket in the oven and a table to set and some brownies to bake for a son-in-law who seems to have emptied out half of the Kosher stores in Boro Park, Williamsburg and other parts of Brooklyn.

I'll be back Wednesday Night or Thursday with my thoughts. Til then..........drinking 4 cups of wine tonight with unleavened bread lol (matzah) and making memories and remembering other holidays with my parents and loved ones now gone. 

Enjoy your memories while you are making them. They are much more fun than watching them in the rear view mirror.

As the theme of this holiday is Freedom I'll leave you with this oldie goldie.

My daughter Dee always loved Janis... so posting this. What did you think I'd post Proud Mary?


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Ps ... Sorry for any typos... been cooking with blackberry wine and well you know how that goes..

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