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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Hurricane Season & Turkey Point. Accidents Happen. Video of Truck Going Off the High Bridge. Ongoing Weather Problems for Texarkana.

As stated yesterday the weather dangers in Texas are ongoing.
Moving up into Texarkana
This is an ongoing live situation.
I'll be covering it tomorrow as well.

Today I wanted to talk on a problem in Florida.
Specifically South Florida 
I want to highlight 2 Miami news stories.
 One immediately made me think of the Hurricane Season just a few months away.
The other revisits a story I wrote about a while back.

Studies have shown that there is leakage from the aging canals at the aging Turkey Point nuclear center are going into Biscayne Bay. These known as "cooling canals" and when the plant was built years ago there was a high concern on how this would impact the Biscayne Bay ecosystem. Yes, I used the word "aging" twice on purpose to highlight the reality of the situation.

Turkey Point was built in 1972. You know 1972 the year when President Richard Nixon bombed North Vietnam after a breakdown in negotiations to end the Vietnam War. Yes, Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew had just won the 1972 Presidential Election.

Remember that Dream Team?

Anyone remember this top hit?

Turkey Point is a problem.
It might be a small problem but it needs addressing. 

Back in 1993 the Nuclear Regulatory released this report.
Lessons learned?

You remember 1993....

That was way over a decade ago. 
Going on fifteen years ago.

Should a Hurricane come in from the South going NNW into Biscayne Bay..
...with Turkey Point under the gun how would the aging plant stand up?
I wonder. More people should wonder.

Luckily they were told to clean this problem up recently.
Seems there is a plume of this water that goes West into Florida Bay..
...and potentially could become a problem for the Florida Keys.

Let's say a Major Hurricane comes in late September.
Heads WNW... we think it will slam into the islands. 
However it goes up over the islands.
Oops.. misses Hispaniola...
Catches an early cold front and pulls North... 
NNW and slams into the mangroves around Turkey Point...
Continues on towards Biscayne Bay and Miami.

Could happen.
Will happen at some point.

Accidents happen.....

That's my second story.
The video of the big truck going off the high bridge on I95 is released.

Turkey Point is so old pictures of it's construction ... 
...are in the Florida Memory Project.

Something to think on as we head into the 2016 Hurricane Season.
A nuclear plant leaking water into canals that feed into Biscayne Bay.
So far we've been lucky in South Florida.
Will our luck hold out?

At a time when we feel badly for the water supply in Flint Michigan...
We should wonder what's in our own backyard as well.

Besos Bobbistorm


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