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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Super Tuesday Weather - Spring on the Meteorological Calendar - Look at Hurricane Season

States of Super Tuesday

Problems getting to the polls could arise in Tennessee and Alabama.
Arkansas is messy but as the day progresses the weather moves East.

Kentucky does have a caucus and they do have weather moving in ..

It's oddly warmer in Alaska than parts of Minnesota....
Weather in the Deep South could be an issue.

That's a COULD...not a FOR SURE.
But get out and vote early in you live in Alabama, Georgia or Tennessee 

Mississippi is going to have a messy day. 
Then again there isn't any media there to cover if it happens...

There's a high wind warning for parts of Montana tonight.
I said tonight... today should be just fine.
Minnesota is cold.. but hey it's Minnesota.

And lastly today is meteorological spring.
That means if you want to you can pretend it's spring.
It's not officially Spring until March 20th.
But... we can pretend from a meteorological point of view.
Pollen is beginning to be an issue.
Trees are budding in some parts of the country... not Minnesota.

Meteorological Spring ends on May 31st
Hurricane Season begins on June 1st.

So we are one season away from Hurricane Season ;)

Signs vary.
El Nino is waning.

December El Nino looked like this. HUGE!

February El Nino begins to detach and shrink away.

A lot can change before November.
A lot can change before the Hurricane Season begins.

There's dust out in the Atlantic though there usually is this time of year.

SAL.jpg (666×375)

This map is up on all the time ... so you know.

So stay tuned.
By tomorrow we will know more about how voters voted.
All week it's been bad blood... 
....we'll see what we have tomorrow.

No matter who wins... weather always wins.
If you live in a Super Tuesday State... 
..Get out and do your thing!

Besos BobbiStorm
@bobbistorm on Twitter


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