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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wind Chill Advisory for Miami ... GA, SC, NC & Most of the SE

You know that song Button Up Your Overcoat?
That song is playing up and down the Eastern Seaboard & across most of the South
Throw in the Great Lakes .. but we expect it to be cold there.

In Miami... There is a Wind Chill Advisory!

Those of you reading this up north are wondering "haha.. winter in Miami... yeah right"
But the truth is it gets really cold in Miami for a few days each year... 
Then then you wonder what do we wear... 
How do we handle it?

So... I decided if a picture is worth a thousand words 
A few good videos must be worth infinitely more.

So enjoy the many types of people who make up Miami.
The locals who don't really know what snow is..
The newbies who are in heaven that first year..
The Russians... 
The Cubans... 
Miami is a beautiful mix of a little bit of the rest of the world...
.... all loving Miami...
....even on those BRRRR COLD DAYS ;)

Personally, I'm bundled up inside wearing leggings and layers ;)
Thermal cute PJs from Victoria's Secret w matching booties
Staring at the snow.. from my window ... under the covers.. 
Loving it... I like a little snow with my winter.
Wind Chill of 10 degrees out there (hahaha)
Going down to 2 degrees in Raleigh
In Miami my family is freaking over weather in the upper 30s.

But, first let me explain what happened to me my first fall in Raleigh. I went online and bought some clothes from the Victoria's Secret Clearance Sale for winter.  Cute little 3/4 length sleeves, brown scoop neck knit sweater with ruffles just below the elbows. It said it was a sweater. I also got a great plum, winter sweater with scoop neck and 3/4 long sleeves. I bought a sweater coat.. 3/4 sleeves, very, very, very warm. October I was fine. November okay... December... it occurred to me that I might need long sleeves & a higher neckline. January I wondered "WHAT I WAS THINKING??" and threw the really, really heavy short sleeve over my blanket to keep me warm at night.

In Miami a winter outfit has sleeves......has a sort of knit fabric or you put on your jacket over a long sleeve silky shirt which is so much more winter like than your tank top.. and in most months of the year we wear either short shorts or short skirts. In the winter we put on leggings and boots over our summer clothes and we are set to go.

Love the way she says "you could also wear leggings over it and a cardigan"

There's a part 2.... she explains how to wear an "extra little layer in case it gets really, really cold"

Note the little ankle boots, so agree boots really help in the winter.... in Miami anyway...

"Key is layering"

You know that one outfit you got for the baby that was perfect for Detroit? Love how we love to try and use them all up in a 2 day cold spell on the baby.

Another video online shows a cool Miami Dude layering his body in warm clothes. More like how most of us dress in Miami when it's 40 degrees. Love the clothes by the door. I was taught to do that when I was really little....Winter in Miami. It's not for the faint of heart ....

Transplanted Yankee in Miami... first winter there...........  give her a few years, she'll be bundled up freaking out...

Anyone know Russian? Love the comment by her friend warning her that in the summer she will not survive the heat . . . yeah right lol

Okay.. back in the real world...
Up North...Down South in Raleigh this was yesterday..
It SNOWED !!! I think you get the idea here. Cold is relative. I went crazy yesterday when it snowed. I mean crazy...loved it. Sat outside in a coat, boots, gloves taking pics of the snow falling..

A friend of mine Aaron Holder is living up in Georgia attending Life College.
It snowed yesterday... he was in heaven. 

Cold is cruddy, snow is lovely ;) to Miami kids.. matter where you are... 

Remember a few things:
Bundle UP
Stay Inside 
Put the music on..
Make a fire if you can... 
Spring really is coming... sooner in Miami 
Later in Raleigh
Even later in NY and Boston

But Spring is coming... 

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Great Video Aaron made for his CD while home in Miami ... check it out.
See the winter clothes and giving food to those in need...


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