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Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day COLD .. President Day Brings Snow to the South?

Brief update... 3 days out and the NWS is beginning to blink on informing of possible winter wxr.

For example in Raleigh ... and Raleigh is an example.
Check with your own NWS for your area.

Why do I think this will bring someone in Dixie Winter Weather?
The 3rd time is the charm.
This is the 3rd system forecast to blow through... 

The ground is going to very cold, so is the atmosphere and tropical moisture will add in spice.

Keep watching this loop... in a day or two when the chocolates are gone... 
latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Saturday when I am offline for the Jewish Sabbath...check this loop out.

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Tonight it's cold. Tomorrow it warms up. 
Tomorrow night a reinforcing blast of cold air comes down...
The next system on Monday/Tuesday IS the charm.

Who gets the prize in the bottom of the Cracker Jacks... will know more on Sunday.

Notice how far south the snow forecast goes ... 

Valentine's Day may be cold but fine... 
But President's Day on the right will bring Winter Weather for folks in the South.

And, in NWS in Raleigh has blinked:

This is not about hype ... it's just being logical and practical and cautious.

Stay tuned and read my Valentine's Day post below... 

Happy Valentine's ...

That's frigid weather descending upon a good part of the nation.

That's the possibility of SNOW or winter weather in parts of the South in 5 days time. I put up 5 days as I am more curious on down the road vs tomorrow as we know what tomorrow will bring... Valentines is cold... but in a few days... there is the potential for winter weather in the South. Something I wrote about a few days back.

I'm thinking of it like a Valentine's Week Valentine to me ...if I get SNOW


It's cold folks. Really cold. I'll be back later to discuss the models that have been having fantasies all over the place the last few days. They are not being kind to the forecasters........

Greg Fishel went on a tirade in NC begging people not to be "stupid" and listen to crazy online reports of another snow emergency. 

Truth is it is in the forecast but it's as always in Carolina a wait and see attitude.

Oh look today's forecast is in red for Valentine's Day (not) 
that means.... they had to change the forecast.
Great uncertainty in the forecast it seems

It's 12 degrees in Brooklyn this morning by my kids.
It's 65 by my kids in Miami
It's in the 20s in NC...going down to the teens tonight.

So while the models do a dance back and forth as to who is gonna get the winter weather worse...
Enjoy today.... listen to music... give someone a Valentine's

 I got mine already as they were for Shabbos and will open the chocolate tomorrow... 
I'll be updating as the details get more definitive... the devil is always in the details.

One of the most beautiful songs and videos I've seen in a long time... enjoy...

Mucho Besos Bobbi

Ps ... one can only wonder how many Valentine Blizzard babies will be born 9 months from now..


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