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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A Cold Valentine's Day? Waiting on Sunrise in Miami & Hiding from Winter

While waiting on sunrise this morning I was watching the Southern Jet... and the Northern Jet.

This winter has been like the War Between the North and the South as winter weather has lingered longer in the North this winter as systems chase each other East bound across the Northern half of the country.

The rain in the Southeast.... an emerald necklace across the top half of the US.

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

There is a Southern Jet... as usual, bringing moisture up from the Gulf towards Cape Hatteras. There hasn't been too much tango dancing between the two so far. Texas had a snowy two step going on earlier in the winter, but since then it's been all about New York and New England.

You see to get some Southern Snow we need some mingling of the two ....

Follow the yellow brick road.... and connect the blue dots...

Connect the blue dots and see the current weather process 

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

The question remains.... will that change?

Larry Cosgrove put up some long range weather models that show a cold "button up your overcoat" pattern for Valentines Day. If you have a fireplace in the Deep South... use it!

Those big blue blobs are winter slipping South... or at least cold temps

There is a chance for a Miller A type of storm set up in the next week to ten days.

It's as simple as black and white. 

You can't have snow without moisture. Otherwise it's cold and dry.
The Mason Dixie Line slips into the Carolinas in a Miller A type set up ... 

For now there is a double barreled High across Dixie...

....fighting off the warm flow from the Gulf of Mexico.

On Day 7 the fun begins... or maybe Day 6...

Models are "struggling" according to the Raleigh NWS for the long term...

I complained to my daughter that we had a passing shower on the Hollywood Boardwalk yesterday. You see the pale shaft of rain between the palm trees?

She sent me back a picture of her deck facing the water in Far Rockaway... New York...

Okay...she wins the winter weather shoot out.......the view from her deck at sunset last night...

(solid ice in parts....)

So I guess I really shouldn't have complained I was cold this morning when it was 65 degrees...
...and I was watching the sunrise..
in the land of.... mangoes and bananas and green backyards...

In the South and when I say the South I mean Atlanta ..temperatures flirt with the low 60s and then take a nose dive. As winter is going to return fast and furious in the Deep South later in February.

Temperatures will be coming down... staying cold and reminding you Spring is still so far away.
(Great video of Clark Kent aka Ralph Renick driving across the causeway)

Down in Miami doing some research and taking trips back into memory land with my son.. architecturally speaking. South Florida is so beautiful, honestly incredibly beautiful any time of the year. If anyone has a picture of both Mt. Sinai and the Nautilus Hotel (still standing) we'd love to see it .... but I digress... back to the weather ;)

latest72hrs.gif (947×405)

Bottom Line: It's not over til it's over. I am watching the Southern Jet these days and I don't mean an airlines that gets you from New Orleans to Savannah. El Nino or no Nino...there's moisture down in the tropics. 

usa.gif (756×496)

A country divided until things change...but change they will if the models that are struggling.. are correct!

As for me... winter is so far away. But, will be heading back up north sooner rather than later.

Til then.... enjoying MYami ;) as we natives say... 

So... you might start thinking on Valentines Day... 

Sushi or Steak with some fine wine, red roses and a date in front of the fireplace ;)

You heard it here first... 

Besos Bobbi Storm


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