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Friday, February 06, 2015

Good Looking Weekend? June in Miami. Cold Valentine's Day. Then comes Spring...

Look at that High Pressure trying to keep control of the South. 

Notice the blue arrows on the map above showing the cold air coming down ....

In Miami it's going to be a delightful 71 degrees at noon... far from the Hurricane Season 

In Raleigh this morning it's 19 degrees .... cold air zooming DOWN....

But....the forecast for Miami on February 15th is.......not to get out of the low 60s.
That could change.... but not by much.

Enjoy this weekend....cause next weekend is gonna be not so enjoyable.

This weekend is nice in the South...coolISH for some.
Next week.... brrrrrr

Doesn't Hank look a bit like Joe Bastardi here ???


JoeBastardiSmallSmall1.jpg (225×241)

Right now it's all about Cold Fronts... even though we are still watching the tropics ... 

Tropical Convergence Zone set up oddly way way low... 

But....this too shall pass and pretty soon we will be back to tropical discussion.

Besos Bobbi... 

Ps... to quote Carl Fisher... it's always Spring in Miami.. always June.


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