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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NC Gov: Stay Home. Tennessee Closed Til Next Week. Musings on a Winter Wonderland

NatLoop_Small.gif (600×282)

Note the front has moved on... a small bit of winter weather is moving towards the South, again..

Feeling happy it's in the low 30s tonight. Look at those negative wind chill numbers.. brrr

uschill.gif (640×480)

I really can't complain as life in North Carolina is way easier than life in Boston or NYC.

My daughter posted this picture today... looks like a blue oz... 

That's a small totally frozen over. Not her deck or just her back yard... Norton Basin.
That's frozen NYC off in the distance.

I'm in a mellow mood... musing a bit here. If you want to miss the musing...skip down to the satellite loops I will not feel bad... too mellow and relaxed to feel sad, bad or annoyed.

I finally fell asleep listening to the sleet and the freezing rain. By the time I did it was pretty obvious this was going to be like a storm several years back when everything was covered with gritty sleet and ice mix. Ice pellets sort of fused together by the freezing rain on top of a thin layer of ice. I think the first or second year I lived here we had about 5 inches of it. Then, like now, it was very cold and it stayed on the ground in shady spots for weeks. 

Snow melts. Sleet/ice pellets melt slower.

If it doesn't melt more tomorrow, it's not going anywhere until at least Saturday. Tomorrow we might get a small additional barely there ground cover from a passing snow shower.

Note there is a chance of breaking records on Thursday night with a predicted zero.

As usual . . . Raleigh escaped an Ice Storm. But, only the larger roads and highways were cleared and barely saw anyone walking in the Cul-de-sac. The paper guy got through and the mail was delivered but we live down the road from a post office. Several friends did not get their mail today.

(Brave soul that he is trudged out to get his paper... no tire tracks on the street...)

The deck is still a solid chunk of ice. When I say Ice.. I mean it looks like snow, but it's fused together ice pellets more than an inch deep. I put on my snow boots and ventured out to take a few pictures. There was a crunching sound, but unlike snow it didn't leave foot prints; just a small indentation.

I stepped down... didn't even go all the way down to the wood... 

Later today it got more slushy. Tonight it's freezing over again.

Tennessee got hit bad by an Ice Storm before we did and ... they are closed the rest of the week.
With a reinforcing Arctic Blast they basically gave up the ghost of normal until next week.

Here the Governor asked people to just sit tight a bit longer if they can.
From Charlotte to Raleigh we are buried under a layer of white.

It's called the Piedmont Crescent.

Interesting read, lots of nice communities in that swath of NC.

Personally I did my part. I stayed home.

I did my hair. I straightened it even...
I did my nails.
I read, relaxed and stared at the white ground cover.
I cleaned the house.
I made a kick ass dinner.

I enjoy the winter weather as... I'm not used to it.
And, this is the first real taste of winter weather we've had all winter!

It's Fat Tuesday :)
Creole Turkey Wings and Cajun Dirty Rice..nice.

If you ever do to go New place to get a beignet is Cafe Beignet

Yes, go look at everyone standing in line at the French Market and then... go to Cafe Beignet.

Friendly, nice, clean... best beignets in town.

New Orleans & Savannah
Two cities you must see just walking around slowly and letting it settle in to your soul.

So... I'm gonna go offline, relax and enjoy the feeling of comfy, cozy under the covers ;)

Going to listen to some Dixie Land Jazz... remember... smile..

What most people don't realize is I grew up listening to stories of New Orleans that my Grandma called Nawlins. She spent a lot of time there in the Garden District, she loved Dixieland Jazz but was terrified of the voodoo queen. She'd tell me stories... Grandma Mary was great at stories. I imagine someone convinced her she'd get stolen away if she ventured too far to keep her ...from venturing too far ;) Her cooking style was a blend of Tampa/Ybor City and Creole cooking. And, she'd sing Bill Bailey to me when I was little and put on a whole little routine with it... Loved her. There was something so special about Grandma Mary. 

There's something special about New Orleans. 

I wonder what tomorrow's possible snow event may bring.
As always we won't know til we see the white flakes fall from the sky.

A good view of the water vapor loop showing the cold, cold air about to move down is below:

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

Check out these links:
Watch the diving cold coming down... reinforcing cold...record cold.
That's what I'll be writing about tomorrow.......

Follow the yellow brick road...

Or this loop....

Or this one.........,48.95,674

Oh....he has a brain. 
Shame Auntie Em didn't warn Dorothy on talking to strangers......

Yes... all over the place tonight but in a good mellow way...

Besos Bobbi

Ps... check back Wednesday for a discussion on record cold across the nation


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