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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Southern Winter Storm. Check with NWS for Your EXACT Area to see if you get SNOW, SLEET, FREEZING RAIN or.. ALL OF THE ABOVE

Confusion rains down upon the land when the powers that be do not sync their weather forecasts.

Yahoo seems to know something that the National Weather Service does not ... they have no snow or winter weather in the forecast for Raleigh this week. Hmnnn....

I know people love Yahoo Weather for the pics... sort of like Playboy for the articles.
But..........when it comes to weather the devil IS in the details not the canned images.

Then there is the WRAL graphic showing an image ...
Yet... the words and pics don't jive.. 

What this graphic does not explain is the warnings are not YET up for Raleigh. It's like AP issuing a headline saying "no deaths reported after a 7.0 earthquake" when they should say "YET" as the quake just happened.

The warnings are up in Tennessee and moving East with time. The NWS is writing excellent discussion and yet those attractive weather sites are hours behind the times. And, the big question is what will the models show later today and tonight? Weather changes in real time that's why it's weather NOT climate. Climo wins the war, weather wins the battle. Problem in the Piedmont is that no one is sure right now (less than 36 hours out) if we get rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow or all of the above. Seems to me that winter is trying to hit the Piedmont with everything it's got all in one storm to make up for the quieter than normal winter we have had in these parts.

In the nearby town of Cary they are out and brining the streets. Hmmm Cary.. Publix... (wonder how warm it might get later... )

Atlanta has one of the best weather people around. He is always on the money, honest and in ways reminds me of Bryan Norcross back in the day in Miami. Relevant, real and honest... wish Jim was doing the Raleigh weather. He's real. I-20 is the dividing line in Atlanta. Again this will be updated in real time once we see the storm on satellite imagery vs modelling packages.

Nashville is getting more than Country Music this week.. Winter Storm Warnings UP:

The reality is that this storm has not yet formed. Boston is besieged by snow and weather people. I'm not sure which they want to see leave faster... the snow or every weather/news person in the US filming live spots on Boston weather thinking of new ways to say "We're getting slammed in Boston!" And, luckily for TWC the South is in play this week so there will be some change of scenery in their live shots as I have to be honest as much as I love Boston I'm a little tired of seeing the blizzard videos... 

wv-animated.gif (720×480)

Note the twist off of New England, Cape Cod... note the fast flow Eastbound. 

See the eye of the storm in NE. Neptune I believe TWC calls it (#nevergiveup)

As for Dixie...the South... and the President's Day Storm:
The real storm is hidden stage left.. upper stage left. 

sat_wv_east_loop-12.gif (640×512)

This Monday night maybe the night that winter drove Dixie down... or not.

Stay tuned for updates... 

Besos Bobbi Storm
Ps... when they brine the streets... I pay attention. Bottom line why? Because the ground is cold, ice cold and no matter what falls it will freeze upon contact and create a mess in many parts of the South now experiencing wind chills near zero. Tonight reinforces the brutal cold. It's a stage that is set for a mess no matter how you play it. Depending on where the storm tracks we have a mystery envelope of winter weather that will cause winter misery in the South ..especially in a year where many thought they would escape without seeing any dreaded or desired snow. Some of us are praying for it, others are praying it doesn't happen. The devil here is IN the details but the details are not VISIBLE until the storm starts to spin. So far this is what we've got. Check back later to see how it is updated in real time and again check with your local NWS for late breaking details and upgraded watches and warnings!  (put your zip code into the box at the top left)


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