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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Twisters & Floods. Do you live in a Flood Plain? Find out...

Not much going on today in the tropics. A cluster of storms in the BOC. A lot of shear overhead so unless it sits and spins up a bit and does something it most likely will sit and pulse up.. pulse down. Think of a Nutribullet. The only safe place for it right now it to stay where it is...

As for me I'm leaving today to go back to Carolina. It's so hard to say goodbye to everyone here in Seattle and the city itself. I've always loved my kids... my now I love Seattle. There is just so much to love here. From the top of the Space Needle that reigns over this busy technological city to the ferry that goes out to Bainbridge Island...and back....

Somehow it reminds me of watching the sunset in Key West over Sunset Island. It's truly one of those spots where nature shines down and high lights all the beauty the area has to offer. Some places have it.. some don't. Seattle has "it" and I love it. But it's so far away from the tropics.

My son and I took a drive last night around Ballard and looked at the boats tied up in the the marina.. floating in the darkness. You know you are not in the tropics when you see salmon boats from Alaska.

But oh then there are the sailboats on Lake to love a city built around the water..

As for the weather... this morning the highlight is on tornadoes and floods in the messy Midwest.

I said earlier in the year that I thought this Spring would be one where flooding would be a problem. Spring going into summer and there are still towns dealing with floods. Again, it's like surgery. It's minor surgery when it's someone else and it's major surgery when it's yours. It's major flooding if you live in Delano, Minnesota today...

People often forget they live in a flood plain. The city of Delano being featured on the news for flooding is part of a flood plain. Usually it does not flood. When it does... it's a huge, mess.

I'll be back in the Hurricane Zone tomorrow... til then nothing is happening except the weather where ever you are so ... sit back, relax and enjoy it! If you live in an area where hurricanes or flooding is prone to happen... check out your local hazards, make a plan... and then relax.

Besos Bobbi

Ps... Remember Kinston, NC was in a flood plain and Hurricane Floyd was a not so gentle reminder...


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