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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BOC Again?? Yellow Circle

Interestingly enough the Yucatan is alive AGAIN with Zero chances of development which is sort of silly to say because if that was really true...there wouldn't be a yellow circle. It has to have some chances right?

Either way I mentioned this the other day... and you can see in the enhanced satellite image that there is something there..

Now... we are going to go to bed. Well, I am.. Just got into Miami. Exhausted despite having pumpkin flan and a soda and wow love being home in Miami.

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Joy in a can......................

Let's see what the BOC and GOM do tomorrow.

More importantly long range models show something coming together in the Caribbean.. maybe later this month.

Maybe being the KEYWORD for this WHOLE SEASON...

Besos Bobbi

Check back tomorrow :)


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