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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A History Lesson in South Florida & Louisiana Hurricanes..1926, Andrew, Betsy, Katrina & Now Isaac.

While Governor Bobby Jindal is giving a Press Conference addressing the damage from Hurricane Isaac I want to point out a link between Miami and Louisiana that we both share...and that is namely some of our worst hurricanes in Miami and the South Florida area have suffered... have gone on to hit Louisiana.

Obviously the high was strong in all of these years, but often the storms were weak until they got far enough west to keep on going. Had many of them been stronger storms they would have been "fish storms" or they would have gone up to Carolina or places north or east like Bermuda.

It is in fact their weaknesses early on that allows them to continue west and get under the high and eventually they find their groove, get pulled north by both frontal boundaries and the basic Coriolis Effect and they slam into both Florida and Louisiana.

Again...  any storm that makes it across the ocean intact as either a Tropical Wave or a Tropical Depression should never be minimized or ignored. History has taught us that and reminds of that it is their weakness in the beginning that allows them to get this far west to be our problem and not a problem. Again... it's forward movement is what is causing the damage or ... it's lack of forward movement.

The 1926 Miami Hurricane was a slow moving night of terror for people in the relatively new city of Miami that turned 30 years old in 1926. The Hurricane and the Real Estate Boom's bust that occurred months prior to the Hurricane hit Miami hard and forced it to grow up fast.

If Andrew had moved as slow as Isaac is moving the death toll would have been much, much higher. In that way, Andrew was kind... he was a fast mover.

Something to think on ...

Great Miami Hurricane of 1926

File:1926 Miami hurricane track.png





File:Isaac 2012 track.png


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