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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Isaac Made 2nd Landfall at Port Fourchon in SE LA.

Hurricane Isaac made landfall a second time at Port Fourchon along the SE Louisiana coastline.

It is a town intricately inked to the energy industry.

This is another problem we have yet to talk about as it is more than just bayou land underwater and worrying on the levees in New Orleans holding strong.

And, this will continue for over 24 hours... this nonstop assault on Louisiana. By the way, it will move eventually north towards Arkansas.,_Louisiana

He has begun to move, but it's almost an illusion still of movement ...time will tell if he stays inland or bobbles back out over water again.

Plaquesmines Parish is the center of the real tragedy as they are currently under water. Rescue attempts have been suspended in some places as the water is higher than the power lines. Not good, very not good and it may not be as glamorous and sexy as New Orleans but to the people who live there it is their whole world. And, it was a beautiful world I may add..

Note... there are two more systems behind Isaac... Kirk in the far Atlantic destined to be a "Fish Storm" and Leslie is forming at a lower level, her odds of formation keep climbing while our eyes are focused on her big brother Isaac. I'm a little worried on Leslie, but we will worry on that another day... so far... we are not even at the climatological peak of the season...

Where exactly is El Nino hiding I wonder...

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