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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

11 AM on Isaac & Kirk & a Look Around the Web

Isaac is creating different situations for different folks in his path. For some it's the wind, for some it's the rain and for everyone it's the water damage...the flooding...the storm surge...the roof leaking.

Far to the East in Gulfport they are dealing with flooding and storm surge.

Lakeview, Louisiana also is having a flooding problem... though nothing like what Plaquemines Parish is dealing with and other places along the Bayou.

Excellent discussion from Mike which I am cutting and pasting. More direct and informative than the official forecast discussion from the NHC which is good but hard to understand.
The initial motion estimate is 310/5. Isaac is expected to move slowly northwestward through a weakness in the subtropical ridge for the next 24 hours...And then turn north-northwestward and northward around the western periphery of the ridge by 36 and 48 hours...Respectively. By 72 hours...Isaac is forecast to become a post-tropical remnant low pressure system that should move northeastward to east-northeastward when it will be caught up in weak mid-latitude westerlies. There are currently no indications in any of the model guidance suggesting that isaac will tap into any baroclinic energy sources that could result in extratropical strengthening over the central united states. The official track forecast is similar to the previous advisory track and is just east of the model consensus.

Excellent discussion really... 
Everyone needs to remember this is not about the wind speed, but the slow movement, the lack of real forward speed and the duration he wanders over land while the steering currents bomb out and fade away leaving him behind to cause misery more from water than from wind. So, if they downgrade him to Tropical Storm Status or make a big deal about him being 75mph vs 80mph... don't pay attention to it... it's the forward speed to pay attention to in THIS CASE not the wind speed.


[Image of probabilities of tropical storm force winds]

out to sea...thankfully....

Models for "Leslie"

[JavaScript Image Player]

It indicates in the long term she stays out to sea, finds that weakness in the ridge and goes north, but a lot will depend on Isaac who is shown days from now hovering over Illinois and the Mississippi River Valley. 

Time will tell .. but it's good to remember more systems are out there liken planes lined up on a busy day in Miami when snowbirds fly south for sunshine.

A look around the web and the coverage you can find...if you take a break from watching on TWC.


 water coming up around the Beau Rivage in   sent in by Sean Bigler

Mark Sudduth
(my brother Ronnie loves him)

Images of flooding from the 
always incredibly, intensely wonderful
Reed Timmer

Old School Message Boards
one of my all time favorites
I love it... great links
great coverage
great message board
I post as LoisCane

You can sign up for both boards... both give hardcore info 
vs hype... 

Speaking of Hardcore

And, lastly... if you do Pinterest look me up

I have to tell you and being honest and rarely mention it but the secret to my success is
my ten kids
(yes I said ten...)
as kids will keep you on top of what is going on
you don't get stale
you learn from them
I learn SO much from them..

from Dina who watches more loops than I do at 2 AM
from Levi who sends me crazy pics and wild video
from Shuky who knows more about weather than I can remember

Kids keep you young and on top of the game... and keeping up with whatever new thing is out there

So... Thank you ... all of you even those I did not mention
and to Brian who lets me do my thing during Hurricane Season
and stopping on road trips to check TWC at truck stops
and various places along the way
including the Avalon Pier
where I watched the update yesterday morning 
after a long, walk on the beach at OBX
(well... I knew they had a TV at the Pier lol)

Thank you... all of you... especially all of my hurricane chaser friends ... 
love chasing storms ... but chasing this one online

Jolly Rogers Restaurant... big TV in the back by the bathroom ;)
(my husband had to come looking for me... took me a while to get this shot...thanks for your patience)
TV in back by the bathroom ...

Besos Bobbi
Ps...yes I have a Tumblr but I don't use it... too busy 
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