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Thursday, July 26, 2012

African Wave Still There - Severe Wxr Expected NE/NY

Okay, short post... the African wave is still there.. moving pretty face and we can now call it Atlantic Ocean Wave I think... either way it is still there and still worth watching.

Severe weather is supposed to spread east from the Chicago area to NY.. going to be a messy day for travelers, especially air travelers. New York (including NYC) and NE are under the gun for strong winds, tornadoes and possibly  derechos. So, stay tuned.

I'll be on the train.... choo choo.. will update as needed.

Besos Bobbi 
Ps...then again my kids are traveling all over the place by air later...for the wedding in NY later this weekend.
Let's see if the NHC goes with a 10% yellow circle later today... maybe :)


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