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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life Goes On...

So, I check the tropics pretty often... some have said I am addicted to weather and they may be right. And, maybe they aren't. Reminds me of a song a guy I went with liked... you may be right, I may be crazy ???   Crazy for Tropical Weather.

There isn't any.

I may go to a tropical shrink or a good chiropractor. Mid July and nothing out there on the tropical horizon.

Okay, I have said "tropical" often haven't I?

I wouldn't say I'm addicted to TWC ....but when the hair color box said to let it sit for "10 minutes" rather than setting a timer, I judged "10 minutes" by the "Local Forecast on the 8s"

Honest. If there was a Weather Watchers Anonymous group, that would definitely be my first confession.

So, now you know the rest of the goes on while we wait for something to develop.

If the NHC puts up a YELLOW CIRCLE on their website I may faint from the shock....

... hey ... maybe Fabio will try to do L.A. and head for California. If they are going to get weather from the tropics it would be in an El Nino year...

And, my dear friend... the ProducerSlashDirector... stop sending me end of the world emails... chill.... take a pill.............relax..........breathe... go watch a Meryl Streep movie.

Chow for now...Bobbi

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