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Friday, July 20, 2012

No Tropical Wxr News... Sad National News

Not much to say about the tropics today. Nothing happening.

A system is flirting with the Gulf, edges closer... comes near... frontal boundary and Upper Level Low. Shows you how you can't just go by one picture.

Not even one loop really.

People play games all the time, trying to convince people of things that are not true. There are a lot of strange, sick, weird, crazy people out there living there life to the beat of their own drum. This picture is an illusion.  I could... write some story to someone who didn't know the difference that Tropical Storm Suzette just made landfall in New Orleans... near the French Market. And, if you knew nothing about tropical weather you might go "wow, bulls eye on New Orleans" when in fact it was an illusion and there was nothing going on at all... just illusions and games.

In fact, there is a wave slowly moving through the Caribbean but you can barely see it. Transparent sort of clouds .. maybe I'm here, maybe I'm not. Maybe it could blow up later but the models show no development.

Then again... you could watch the system in the Gulf to see if something develops...or off the Atlantic coast as a frontal boundary once again disappoints and gets stuck across the Carolinas.

Sad day today for the nation... for people everywhere. Some man, for a reason none of us can fathom...but probably is connected to mental illness hidden away and kept up tight inside until he snapped killed a dozen or people in a movie theater in Colorado. Children, babies all targeted as their parents ran for the exits rather than staying down. Those who ran were shot... I mean seriously, what would you do? Lie down and pretend to be dead? Oh, and there was tear gas or what they think was tear gas... I'm an asthmatic, boy that would suck for me..if the bullets didn't get me the tear gas might.

Sad... very sad. Something happened... what we don't know...

So, on this day of National mourning for the dozen or more people killed and 40 or 50 more who were injured, say a prayer today for the families of the dead, the families of the injured, the injured and for this nation and people everywhere who have to stop pretending and stop being politically correct about mental illness. That may sound mean but I have several close friends and even a few distant family members who suffer from different types of depression or ADD.. most are fine, okay, just a little down sometimes.  Others, a few I know, need to be probably in some form of institution for their own good, for counseling, for drugs for a change... a shot in the dark that somehow they can be fixed for their own good and others around them... but no one in today's politically correct world wants to stand up and get involved... a lot of forms to fill out and repercussions..  I know a child who was in an institution briefly and needed help badly (a child of a friend) out West actually and they will not give a diagnosis because by law he is not 18 yet and it might preclude him from joining the Armed Forces. Right, like I would want him in the Navy...

I have friends who suffer from depression. Artsy types are prone to depression and being restless and they hide in their rooms, they rarely interact with others .. other than the many characters they create in best selling stories. They live on the edge...  they function, they survive... they thrive creatively and they barely live socially or take chances living the life they want.. filled with fears.

This is the world we live in.. it's a big, beautiful world. Some open it up like an oyster looking for the pearl and when they don't find it, they move on to the next oyster and keep looking for the pearl. Others sit dreaming of pearl necklaces, yet never live their dreams. Others sit James Thurber like playing games online or reading books, lying in a hammock creating fantasies in their mind.. some function, some don't. We over medicate, we underrmedicate. We eat garbage for food and you know the old computer programming saying, garbage in..garbage out.

We glorify a movie that is filled with violent characters and images yet we pretend publicly that we are sorry violence happened. Weird statement if you ask me by Warner Brothers.

I know... garbage happens, garbage in..garbage out and we make fun of people who go to Church and try and live conservative sort of lives... yet we seem to glorify dysfunction and accept it as a norm.

Somewhere...James Egan Holmes slipped through the cracks.. whatever haunted him or toyed with his mind ....there were signs, people ignored... sad, very sad for a dozen people and their families and the responders that dealt with the tragedy and the families of the 70 or so that were injured...

We need to start fixing our problems.

And, again ...Mother Nature doesn't have anything on this tragedy. A Category One or Two Hurricane would be a walk in the park compared to the nightmare in the movie theater last night in Colorado.

Besos Bobbi
Ps glad you didn't hear my rant on gun control and hunting and the culture of violence and when was the last time you saw some 20 year old woman go crazy and shoot up a Mall or a movie theater and aim a gun at 4 month old babies or 5 year old children? Probably next to never...


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