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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cuban Wave

And, I don't mean Marco Rubio...

Loop the loop above and you will see the Tropical wave work it's way WNW up the island chains without a name, without a destiny but with a definite plan in mind.  WNW, stair stepping it's way north. Not much else to watch in the tropics. May as well watch the wave.

Big storms over Texas every day as temperatures there climb up to dizzying heights. 107 in Dallas today,  the temperature that is...

Wild rainstorms in Raleigh today, crazy thunder and noisy, happy frogs.

And, in Key West it's hot... like it always is in July when drunken men who claim to look like Ernest Hemingway come to down and run around up and down Duval Street.

Just another day in paradise...

Wishing I was watching something more than a Cuban Wave...... but it's better than nothin'

Sweet Tropical Dreams
surprise bonus track for a friend...


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