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Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Winter Wonderland I95 Travel..Don't even think about it

"Travel is strongly discouraged" and they have stopped forecasting snow totals in the Triangle saying only, "snow totals will be impressive"

Boy, am I glad I stayed up here and didn't go back to Miami yet... or I would have missed this. Then again... I did watch the 10 day... but I'll be back in the land of the sunshine soon and for now am enjoying watching the snow falling, wish it would keep falling all day though it's supposed to stop in a little while. Awesome...beautiful, like a picture postcard. Currier and Ives. Looks like Vermont or Maine.

So white, so peaceful. I love it.

Also, love that the Euro was right and everyone had reasons for ignoring it and refusing to believe this storm would bomb. Well, bomb it has and it aimed it's fury at the I95 corridor which has to be a mess from South Carolina all the way to New England by the time this is over.

Getting snow pics from the kids in NY already...

I'd write more but I am staring with my mouth wide open, smiling like a little child... cuddled up in bed in my purple flannel pajamas and listening to the weather radio and I have the TWC o mute... Adam Berg is in Raleigh covering the storm. It's almost like having a white hurricane with the strong wind...

The hype was real... wild...really wild.

So... got a few days before my birthday, still debating where to go or where to stay before I'm back home in Florida. Home Sweet Home... blue skies, flowers on trees, technicolor beauty and walks on the canal in my sandals.

I've only seen snow fall a handful of times in my life. Seen it on the ground piled high or woken up to a dusting of snow but been a long time since I watched this much fall from the sky.

It's relaxing to watch... sad to see it stop.

Not like standing on the beach in a hurricane or sitting on the porch with my daughter-in-law sipping coffee (I miss her) and well... you can't be everywhere all at once so you got to enjoy where you are when you are...

Besos Bobbi


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