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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Google Eclipse

You get info on cars and movies and where to view both...

Here at Hurricane Harbor, we are watching the weather in space as there are no hurricanes. And, tomorrow night we have a lunar eclipse up in the sky to watch if you set your alarm clock to wake up in the middle of the night or just stay awake to watch. Don't wait until Tuesday, as you will miss it as when they say Tuesday they mean the first few hours of Tuesday Morning.

It did surprise me though how the word eclipse has been eclipsed by the book/movie and the car... in the old days Eclipse meant one thing and one thing only.

So... here are some links from a few online sites that tell the story of the moon and the sun far better than I can.

Youtube from the larger site from the Miami Planetarium and where I grew up watching the stars in the middle of the day often...or late at night with boyfriends. No one like Jack Horkheimer, can still here him teasing us not to whisper as the people on the other side of the dome could hear us... Old Miami, got to love it!

Good info here too... another of the more famous planetariums.

Of course, if you are in L.A. you have the best viewing there is at the Griffith Park that is an experience, one I did often during my time in L.A.

As for my viewing today....will be watching the Miami Dolphins and for once I will have something in common with Steeler fans... I hope they beat the Jets ;)

Happy Viewing where ever you are.... stay warm, stay cool, stay happy...

Besos Bobbi much warmer these days as I have me ticket home... my preferred viewing grounds would be the end of Duval Street ;)


At 7:06 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

:) gotta say it- go Dophlins and go Steelers!
inestsig (hmm)
and it is interesting that I did not even check before I globbed. LOL


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