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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hurricane Alex --- First Hurricane of the 2010 Hurricane Season--- Is Bonnie Coming Off of Africa?

Hurricane Alex is now the first hurricane of the 2010 Hurricane Season. An official statistic for this late night post that is worthy of noting.

Also worthy of noting is that it is possible that he will intensify some more before coming onshore just south of the Border on the beaches of Mexico. Just exactly where will be pinned down tomorrow. The South Texas Coast from Brownsville to Corpus Christi will have strong bands of weather as the outer bands of this growing hurricane will slam into the beaches of the Texas coast. With a storm this big... it will affect a lot of people far from the center via possible twisters and flooding rains.
(Building a Mystery....)

Great song, love it. Always think of it when watching a storm like this pull itself together towards a climatic moment down the road and a date with destiny. He's one for the books in a long season of many more hurricanes to dance across the surface of the globe and to be photographed by satellites far up in the heavens beamed down to forecasters and trackers on Planet Earth.

And.... a really beautiful wave just rolled off of Africa over the beaches of Dakar... could that be Bonnie?

Building a mystery.... as a storm swirls and builds its inner core.

Sweet Tropical Dreams... Besos Bobbi


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