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Friday, June 25, 2010

Tropical Depression #1 "Born" at 6pm... Season is officially here.........

After what seems like the longest birth in recent history Tropical Depression #1 was born just east of Honduras moving to the wnw at 10 mph.

Now the real work begins, because with the data from the recon planes we can get much more reliable model forecasts. And, so far the models differ widely with some taking it into the Gulf after passing over the Yucatan Peninsular towards Texas and others curve their tracks back towards the north and north east towards the Oily beaches already plagued by tar to possibly even the Panhandle of Florida.

As always time will tell and the new data will give us a better idea and it gives the people at the NHC the best data to start their calculations with... one thing you can rely on is that they always have your back covered. No one works harder than the NHC when it comes to looking after our welfare. Really. I mean that.

Now, IF you were on message boards with experts from all walks of meteorological life you would get cool graphics like this as the planes are doing criss crosses in the Caribbean looking for a center of circulation to name a new Tropical Depression.

Such is the life of chasers, trackers and weather enthusiasts. And, professional mets live it at work and live it in their sleep at home... if indeed they sleep. I've stayed up many a night talking to someone waiting for the 2am advisories to come in.

So... stayed tuned for a possible upgrade to Tropical Storm Alex or watch TD 1 cruise along on it's trip to the Yucatan and ports of call farther away down the tropical road.

Will it be a "Road to Brownsville" or a "Road to Panama Beach" flick? Only time will tell... the way... my second area of interest is still yellow and has increased odds now of possibly turning into a designated system. As in if the above is Alex... my Bonnie lies over the ocean ;)but we will cross that tropical bridge when we come to it...

Have a great weekend, doing whatever you enjoy doing and I'll be back here tomorrow night with more detailed information.

Truth is.... looks like it could be quite a spinner, it's beginning to get a look...

Besos Bobbi
Ps... it's still a minimal Tropical Depression still interacting with land so let's not get Hype Crazy and worried just yet, but we definitely need to keep an eye on it because it will raise up the Crisis In the Gulf Media Watch and while watching... keep an eye on that beautiful wave that just came off of Africa...


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