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Friday, June 25, 2010

70% chance of Development in Carib, New Area of Interest in Atlantic

The red circle chances of this to become Alex are up to 70% and a new area of interest is in the Atlantic northeast of the Leeward Islands... well ene? This has been a real ongoing mess with this area of disturbed weather in the Carib that seems to need a shrink and a heart more than a hurricane hunter. Possibly it's the Tin Man in disguise because it doesn't seem very impressive. A poster on described it perfectly, an "impressive mess" and that it is... annoying and pissant but worthy of an invest and the NHC sees it worthy of sending in the planes.

There is an area in the Atlantic that is interacting with an upper level low and putting on quite a show. I mentioned it earlier, the NHC mentioned it this morning and gave it a yellow circle. Keep watching it.

There is a lunar eclipse this weekend, just a gut feeling that something will light the wick and a keg somewhere will explode, tropical keg and we will get the season off to an official start with the first advisory.

East Pacific has been hot, beautiful storm out there with a beautiful eye and often it's hard to get things going in the Carib when the East Pac is spinning. And, lastly everyone has said that this Carib wave has two centers vying for control and on the latest imagery we see the second back part firing up again so we are still in watch and wait mode.

Have a great weekend and I imagine I will be back later today with some sort of update after the adorable men go up in their flying machines and do their scientific studies and drop their delightful dropsondes..

Besos Bobbi
Ps... I have been told to "ignore the yellow circle" and well I don't want to. A bit tropically bored and anything that wants to act up out there has my attention. I mean maybe if I was allowed a seat IN the plane not just in the official van I could ignore the yellow circle but alas... from my vantage point it is fun to watch!

Can you ignore it totally? And, by the way...note the back part of 93 L must be doing some sort of Zumba cause it really has it's @ss in motion today... but the planes are going to ignore that because well it's not the part of the wave they are investigating.. you know... got to love tropical weather ;)


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