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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Invisible Storm...

This is one of those situations where the models see something that we don't see... or they are simply wrong.

Models are best at predicting tracks of systems that have a verifiable center. Often they are good at predicting development, especially when so many models come together and agree on development.

Meanwhile, the messy wave or set of waves is simmering around on a back burner in the Caribbean trying to find the center that is obvious on model projections but not happening in real life.

Below are a few links showing various models and the possible landfall of the possible tropical system.

A few meteorological forecast links:

That last one is the scenario from hell and a replay of a Hurricane Audrey which was a strong late June storm that hit the Cameron area in La. Just one of many but an A storm in late June, a similar but different track. Books are filled with similar storms, one nice thing about message boards online is you learn more than you could learn sometimes in a Meteorology 101 class... dynamics and historic tracks, great places to learn more about Tropical Cyclones.

I don't know... I do know even an astrologist friend of mine pointed out that June 26th,

A few sample astrological forecasting links:

So, why am I bringing astrology into this mess? Because oddly both are mathematical forecasts at this point, based on historic patterns.

I don't know... time will tell.

Bad weather has often been associated with Celestial weather or events.

Some attribute tragedies to comets appearing in the sky.

Some scientists are trying to connect solar flares with hurricane development.

The truth is pick your science or your pseudoscience and pick your poison because until something down in the Caribbean forms... the storm is obviously Invisible and unless someone can use an uncloaking device.... we are waiting for this storm to develop. Until it does, this is like pre-production publicity and have seen a lot of that and yet the filming never begins...but this isn't the film industry it's Tropical Weather happening in real time.

Can so many indicators be wrong?

Smiling.... we call it a weather FORECAST because it's not for sure ... duh ;)

I really want to go blonde this summer... can't decide, only time will tell...

Tomorrow should be a telling day ...

Besos Bobbi


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