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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tropical Storm Alex Makes Landfall in Belize 65 MPH Winds

Look at that pinwheel storm above... and the wider picture below..

Not convinced that his winds were not closer to 70mph when he made landfall.

Alex is an amazingly beautiful, large, well put together Tropical Storm that is so large his structure stretches from the Pacific into the Caribbean. He is so strong that he basically blew Hurricane Darby out of the water and the former Category 3 Hurricane one day ago is now a shadow of it's former self and eclipsed by the large structure of Tropical Storm Alex.

With fantastic upper level support Alex bloomed today into a strong tropical storm just barely below Hurricane strength. With breathtaking outflow and feeder bands that fed the developing core... he was amazing to watch and a coming attraction to what this hurricane season holds down the line.

For now the official track keeps Alex low and on a date with destiny in the borderlands of Texas and Mexico. But, the Brownsville or Bust scenario may have a few kinks down the road to smooth out before writing off a landfall further up towards the Texas-Louisiana border.

There are some indications that if he does not take off like a bat out of hell for Mexico he could stall a bit over very hot water in the Gulf of Mexico. That scenario could produce a major hurricane. A track faster and further south would drive him into Mexico as a weak tropical storm.

And, remember this about feeder bands... they feed the storm and right now his bands dip down into the Pacific as well as pulling in Carib moisture.

So, despite being over land he is still sucking warm tropical moisture into his heart and soul. And, I do think he is moving faster than the projected speed.

So, when we wake up in the morning... we will see what we will see.

Posting a few pics and the models to show that until we get further down the road nothing here is set in stone.

A really incredible, beautiful image was posted tonight on

Like a big, blue present wrapped up and tied with ribbons. Love it. This is what you miss when you just watch the nightly news or the Tropical Update on The Weather Channel.

Online tracking and friendships cannot get any better than this :)

Is that an awesome picture... tells the whole story really...

I'm going off... after I stare a little longer at Alex and ... Darby... or what is left of Darby.

What a love story... meteorologicaly mad one anyway... I mean well Darby just fizzle out or send some moisture Alex's way?

Can't say right now but as all love stories start they start way back when. And, this is as way back when as it gets for the 2010 Hurricane Season.

It's only June they said... but June was not too soon for this year!

Besos Bobbi and thank you... you know who you are..


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