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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beautiful BIG Alex

Alex is intensifying in the Gulf as he moves slowly towards a landfall in Mexico just south of the border. However, his "weather" is going to affect many people far from the center of the storm with heavy squalls and strong bands of severe weather.

Brownsville and Corpus Cristi may be far from the eye but they are both going to get nailed weather wise and they may get hurricane force winds.

He is a beautiful storm.

Problems last night on the plane with the radar that wasn't cooperating and conflicting data show a complicated storm in a very fluid mode of intensification.

On one side it is BIG, HUGE and the low pressure is much lower than the wind speed implies, which basically means that Alex is MUCH stronger than he appears. Sneaky, but true. His winds do not yet reflect the depth of his pressure as he is so large and it takes longer for the intensity to work it's way completely into the storm in a way that it can be measured properly.

So, it is really in ways a Cat 2 yet it is still a Cat 1 officially.

Back in college when studying International Relations we had to learn how sometimes politics is not really what it looks like on the surface. Officially, a country has a leader but in reality the head of the secret police or a ruler in some band of warriors in the mountains is in fact running the country. Sort of like the drug lords in areas of South America...or Central America so there is the illusion of some leader in charge but he doesn't really have the power.

Very similar here with Alex who should be treated as a Cat 2 but won't be upgraded until they can officially upgrade it. In fact some even think it can be a Cat 3 at landfall, which I am not sure of but possible.

A beautiful storm to watch, would be fun to be where Abrams is on the beach right now but I would not want to be in some small village in Mexico that might be washed away in a flash flood.

So, for now enjoy his beauty. Tomorrow we will talk about his beast like side.

Bear with me, will post pictures later... am on a new computer system that is not cooperating this morning any more than the radar was on the recon planes last night ;)

Besos Bobbi
Ps... look for some eye wall replacement cycle to try and take place today prior to landfall.

Check out this link.... for an awesome view

Music :)


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