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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday in the Cool Chilly Tropics

Look at that front! Amazing... deep, deep down into the Carib. Strong flow across the Carib up through the Atlantic far beyond. Still wondering on El Nino. Wondering on a lot of things beyond weather, but the weather outside is chilly, cool and it has not pushed through completely. Been told tonight will be really cold. Snowed in parts of Georgia and the Carolinas yesterday. Winter is here to stay!,0,3588732.story

These cool temps in Miami are making beautiful Winter Sunsets that you don't see any other time. Just in time for the tourists they show up.. sort of like the Turkey Hawks, snowbirds all get the prettiest sunsets.

Is that the most beautiful picture or what? Taken fast with a bad cell phone camera, but imagine what you could do if you set up with a tripod.

The heavens put on a beautiful show last night, the moon.. venus and jupiter in this little triangle.

You have to enjoy these little things in life, they are God's way of painting the background beautiful.

So... am going to work. I have a son home sick that I hope kicks this fast and it doesn't become a real bronchial episode. He's so sick he actually missed a party in school for the end of the write a novel month project. He wrote and wrote and wrote; almost obsessively so. Wonder where he gets that from? Proud of him. He also worked non-stop for someone to make money for his Guitar thingie... which he used often over the holiday weekend. Last night he just lay there coughing and wheezing :(

But, I am going to work... going to talk with friends, do my work, etc, etc.

As my son in Crown Heights reminded me yesterday when I called him up and asked him to cheer me up (and he did) that life goes on and we work harder and do more. A new Chabad House is opening up in St. Thomas (keeping this tropical you see..) and that it is being opened in honor of Gavi and Rivki Holtzberg (as their friends call them) and so if you are down in the tropics during the winter enjoying some sunshine and buying perfumes and Swiss watches feel free to stop in and say hello. There is a Chabad House there that caters to the community but this will be more of a welcome center where tourists can stop, say a prayer, catch a meal maybe or a snack, some coffee and chat in memory. One way of memorializing people's lives is by building a school, a temple, a hospital, a structure of some kind that serves other people and goes on beyond their short lives.

Thought last night before falling asleep on Cuba and the many people who would love to go work there, set up, start a school. I would love to see Havana someday. Pray for democracy to one day reign there not just rain from hurricanes.

That's it... have a great day. Want to catch some coffee with my boyfriend after he gets back from Bais Menechem and before I go off to work.

Besos Bobbi

Have a beautiful day but never forget to remember and then make the world a better place for those who were taken from us and are not here physically any longer to do so. Do a good deed in their memory.


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