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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rain, Wind & Sunshine

Sitting in my bed with my laptop on my lap which I am sure is extremely unhealthy but hey I eat cherries without washing them sometimes, can't be that bad.

In Miami the storm has passed on except for some last few storm bands that swing through fast and depart faster as if you imagined them almost.

I've wasted two days and enjoyed every moment of it. I talked to some my best friends online about Fay.. all day... and laughed and cried and giggled and watched in amazement as once again over land Fay regained her shape and an eye like feature popped out and she intensified to 65 mph OVER LAND.. or they just finally gave in and agreed that the storm that was stronger than previously thought.

Either way and any way Fay is not going away.

She's moving across Florida and then in some strange dance she is going to come back again but this time further up north. She's like some person with a 4 day pass to Disney and they insist on seeing everything there is to see.

As for me.. I am going for a walk with my son between bands and going to try and find him clothes for school as he has been away in Groveland (near Orlando) all summer in camp.

I had a chance to think and to dream and to watch the rain. I went to the beach with my best friend and had breakfast together. I went to bed without worrying about waking up for work and now I am at the point that I actually miss work!

Fay has an eye like feature but there are a lot of reasons why they don't want to call it an eye, suffice it to say the feature that looks like an eye is moving towards water where she will emerge and probably immediately have problems as she does better over land. She probably was a strong mid-level center, she looks like a nor'easter in ways but she's tropical.

I'll blog later about Fay and about Gustav who is fighting the same dry conditions and shear Fay and Bertha and Dolly did when they made their trek across the ocean.

Rain is a blessing. It is raining on the lake. Yes, the lake is probably enhancing Fay as much as Fay is enhancing the lake. Going point. A few storms have done well over the lake. I believe Irene did but if it wasn't Irene it was another one. I don't have time to google, I promised Zalmy we would go to find white or blue button down shirts for school. Would be easier and cheaper to clean his bedroom but sometimes a parent taking a child out for school supplies is more a sign of love, proof positive that you love them enough to buy them something you know they have somewhere.. then again Levi or Mendy may have borrowed it while he was away in camp. Life in the fast lane of being the youngest, not easy but he does it well.

So... enjoy the song about rain from 8th Day, it sounds better on the CD so feel free to buy one if you like it from Sameach Music or your local Jewish Music store ;)
Online is easier...

Life goes around in circles, it's not as easy as we think sometimes to fly on a kite surfing a storm nor is it as easy to write a novel or is it as easy to make a movie video but if you are going to try to do it... do it with a sense of humor.l

Fay has one obviously as she is going to come back and give those forecasters one last chance to get her path right before Gustav comes to Miami for Labor Day Weekend! Giggling.... hey enjoy this, I could be covering North Carolina hurricanes this time next year.

Life is amazing. Weather is a heady drama. And, the way life goes in circles karmically could only be choreographed by God!


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